View Full Version : WLAN and PScom

09-23-2005, 16:32
What security measures are you WLAN users taking when on unencrypted WLANs and want to access your Professional Soldiers' account?

I am probably bringing down my server permanently, so a tunneling through there is out of the question. Although I recall some caveats about the quality of WLAN-built-in encryption, that would not be an option in this case anyway. The university is not likely to change on that point.

Is there an SSL version of PScom or other possibility?


09-30-2005, 11:13
I wondered about the SSL part myself, but I know these things cost money and the webmasters/admins lives can't revolve around this thing...but I'd creep out of my hole a little more if that were the case, especially if OCONUS.
Not the tech guru on WLAN use, but know enough about exploiting it. Can get past your WEP in under 3 min...The protocol used by Mac is abit more secure (WAP?)
a separate section with SSL type access would have to be controlled pretty good though with QP vetting and ensuring login info doesn't slip into anybody's hands other than the user or else it might as well be an open site too...