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09-12-2005, 20:36
I have been searching for some info on this, but I havent been able to find a thread that has a conclusive answer.

I have been interested in the 18x program, as well as OCS. In order to go to MEPS for a physical preceeding the OCS packet, I needed to get letters from doctors regarding a shoulder injury and bee allergies, both which are now healed/desensitized. However, my recruiter told me that simply needing to send the materials to MEPS for a waiver on these two issues disqualified me from Airborne, and thus 18X.

Naturally the next step was to tell me all about how I could do 11B and 19D etc.. and get where I was interested in getting.

Is having any medical issue really an automatic disqualification for airborne? Or are they just trying to sell me the 11b with the promise of Airborne and SFAS recruiters galore at OSUT? (My experience reading the forums made it sound like this wasn't the case) It just seems odd in that there must be a small percentage of people who havent injured themselves at one point, and that the type/severity of my med issues seems completely irrelevant, only that they exist.


09-12-2005, 20:53
There are conditions that can / will disqualify you from ABN and SOF training, however-there would need to be some additional details to advise you appropriately.
But to be realistic...if you aren't qualified for 18X due to medical conditions, you aren't qualified for 11B either.
Your recruiter sounds like a chalatain...


09-12-2005, 21:28

for what its worth,

Shoulder injury was torn cartilage sustained in 1999, debated surgery until doctor put me under general anesthesia, checked out the shoulder, and determined it had healed. So I never had surgery, and I would consider it 100% functional. I will never throw a mean fastball, but thats about it.

I had an allergic reaction many years ago to a bee sting, got it diagnosed, and went to an allergy clinic and spent about 4 years getting desensitized. I am essentially as (un)allergic as anyone else.

Both the doctors' notes indicated these results.

My thoughts are exactly the same; if either of these past injuries are enough to disqualify me from Airborone, than I dont see why the Army is perfectly happy with me as an 11B.

Whats even more confusing was his statement that it was simply the existence of the waiver that DQs me from airborne. I asked him rhetorically if having a broken pinky finger waiver would have the same effect, and he said yes.

It just seems bizarre that he existence of a waiver itself would disqualify, regardless of my current physical health.

09-13-2005, 06:43
I see smoke...
The only significant discussion that woould be indicated from your condition would be if there were indwelling plates, pins, or screws, had a limit to your range of motion, or required chronic medication to control your pain.

Find another recruiter. Good luck.


09-18-2005, 01:17
The reason the phrase "my recruiter lied to me" is a cliche is because it is often true. I would follow eagle's advice and find another recruiter.

My recruiter told me the same thing, but thankfully I had a clean bill of health, yet there are others I have met throughout the course who got waivers for a bunch of things and were allowed to go through the 18x program. The only thing 'I know of' that will DQ you is Colour Blindness.