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QRQ 30
09-05-2005, 09:03
I couldn't but help see the Motto "The Professionals".

The first time I saw this I was in the 46th company and the 5th SFGA was still in Vietnam. "The Professionals" was the "Name" of the 46th SFCA. The name was on a wooden sign over the C-Team HQ in Lopburi. Some officer got the bright idea of making it our salute. Similar to the airborne salute we were to salute and say: "Professional Sir!" and the officer would reply "All the Way!". This went over real big with the real professionals in the Company and didn't last very long. ;)

09-05-2005, 09:12
What was the ole joke? "You can take a man out of divison but you can take divison out of a man".


09-29-2005, 19:45
The CO of C3 or A Co 5th grp in '69-70 decided The company would be referred to as "The Professioinals"

They made green neckerchiefs with a .50 cal case keeper and all were supposed to wear them.

They even sent them out to us A-Camp puques.

I still got one plus a "professionals" certificate.