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07-30-2005, 21:38
Im currently halfway done with language school, and will be going to 10th group in november. I have a buddy that wants to join up, and i keep telling him that the 18x program is probably the best way to get into the SOF community, but he wants to go become a SEAL! i keep trying to explain to him the differences, and how much more of a all around better thing unit SF is. If some of you could please pipe in with your experieces working with SEALS, and mabe explain some of the diferences so that he could see that would be a great help. Thanks guys.

The Reaper
07-30-2005, 21:55

Not going to happen here. It would turn into a huge foodfight just to satisfy the idly curious.

If you had read the stickies and Intros you would know that.

If your buddy want to join the SEALs, let him do it. They are great in their environment.