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02-25-2004, 21:01
Just got off the phone with one of the training NCO's (20th s.f.g. )at A.P. Hill , and this is what I was told. Even though I'm a prior service (Marine 0311) that I have to go to an infantry unit to start with. After in the unit , request a letter from my commanding officer to RST (tranfers to train) to Ft. Pickett . When there I will be placed into S.F.I.P. (I asume is the same as N.Q.P.) for a min. of 4mos.. This program works in cycles which are 4 mos. in length. The next will start in may and last till aug.. After which , if the cadre there feels that i'm ready for selection I will be sent to FT. Bragg to start a one hell of a journey.

Now my ? is , is there anyone (p.s.) that has had to go this route or is there another way to go. The reason for this ? is because this guy wasn't a recruiter and said I still needed to talk to arecruiter to get all the details.

C Seate

The Reaper
02-25-2004, 21:13
New story to me.

I think you need to talk to a recruiter.


02-25-2004, 21:19
It's new to me also TR. About an hour before I talked to that NCO, Italked to an N.G.S.F. recruiter in Al. and his layout was totally different so yeah talking to a recruiter would be my best bet. I just wonder would a Regular N.G. recruiter know anything about this process? :confused:

C. Seate

02-25-2004, 21:23
I have heard several tales about the NQP program for 2/20th at AP Hill. Because I have no first hand knowledge of them I will not go into them, but will tell you there are 2 individuals who drive from Va to Alabama to drill with Aco 1/20th.

That having been said you can call SFC Paul Sovitsky at 410.592.7546. He is the Recruiting and Retention NCO for 2/20th in Glen Arm, MD. They do not have the same run around NQP program as the unit in Va and he will shoot straight. He can square you away if you dont mind driving a few more miles.

As for the regular recruiter approach, it has been my experience they are in the dark about the NGSF units.

What recruiter in Alabama did you speak with? Was it a SFC Edwards?


02-25-2004, 22:41
Originally posted by Surgicalcric
What recruiter in Alabama did you speak with? Was it a SFC Edwards?

Yeah, it was SFC Edwards. You're not the only one working the recruiting angle bro :D .

Chris, call SFC Edwards back and let him know what going on. That is a far more circuitous route than I am on, and we come from the same background. I, personally, would not want to have to put my fate in the hands of an NG infantry unit for a letter of recommendation.

02-25-2004, 22:51
Man I couldn't agree more. I've talked to a couple guys w/ the local N.G. arty unit and they said getting a transfer from one unit to another one is practically impossible in the VA. ARNG , no matter what your mos is. So I'll be back on the phone tomorrow w/ SFC. Edwards and see what he hes to say about all this hoopla. But for right now it looks like MD. or ALAF$%KINGBAMA. Hell I could use a change in scenary. I'll keep you guys onformed , thanks for the info. . VAMP OUT....


02-25-2004, 22:54
Originally posted by D9
Yeah, it was SFC Edwards. You're not the only one working the recruiting angle bro ...

How did I know. Gotta pay for that ZULU somehow huh?? :D

I seem to recall a conversation we had a week ago or so about this very subject.


You are in good hands with SFC Edwards. He has been recruiting for 20th Group for some time and is very knowledgeable. He is also honest and will give you the unabridged version.

Alabama is not all that bad. There is something to be said for being in a Company that has the Group HQ and the Batt HQ in the same state. What that is I dont know...lol.

FWIW I have heard MD treats their guys very good as well.

Hope to see you around the AO soon.

James D

02-26-2004, 18:07
What's up guy's :

I checked w/ the SFC Sovitsky in Md. and got the same info. about how the program is run and the process involved. But at the same time I was insured not to worry about my fate be'ing in the hand's of some one else. SFC. Sovitsky (MD.) assured me that if I submitted a letter that it would get approved. According to him the Va. and Md. group's are in the process of getting rid of alot of bags that are there for the wrong reasons (ie... jump school slots,etc...) And also they are in need of alot of guys , alot of washout at S.F.I.P. program. So with that info. I just have to make the right decision. I have one more contact that is the S.F.I.P. NCOIC , MSG Voss at Ft. Pickett. Anyone know this man? I got his # from the local gaurd recruiter in my area. He said that he would be my best bet to obtain the info. i need to get into the program with out any trouble " keywords: w/o any trouble" . Well thats all for now but I'll keep you guy's informed about this journey, I think maybe it might be helpful for anyone in this area in the same sit. that I'm in.


02-26-2004, 18:50
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