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05-16-2005, 20:29
I've decided to come to the pro's since my tech department seems to be...uhh let's just say depending on who you talk to you can get that many different answers.

A couple of weeks ago I started having problems with IE (I run XP SP1) When I go to a particular site, sometimes I can't navigate within it. For example in the US Post Office site I click on some links, pages come up...others I get a blank screen. I have the same problems when I try to get into my intranet at work, even whole websites won't come up. It's the same thing...blank screen with "done" in the lower left hand corner of the browser. I know it isn't the links themselves within a particular site as if I use another machine it's just fine.

*I* think it might be necessary to remove/reload IE. Another tech dude stated the same thing, someone else called and told me it's my profile on the machine and he wants to delete and rebuild it (my profile) which I disagree with. I had someone log in as me on another machine and it was just fine, I don't think it is my profile.

Any ideas? We're going to try to reinstall IE tomorrow morning.

05-16-2005, 20:58
I don't know much about IE, and you may be in a position where you cannot change over (for various reasons), but if you can, I seriously recommend Mozilla Firefox. It's got some real nice features, and I've never once had a problem with it (versus many problems similar to yours that I used to have with IE).

Sorry that I couldn't be more helpful

05-16-2005, 21:17
Gypsy, you'd be surprised what a corrupted profile will do to you, but I don't really think it's that. Why aren't you running SP2? The problem, if unique to your computer, is the somputer its self. You might be missing some 'helper' files/apps. You can go to microsoft.com/ie and DL any updates. Though, I really would recommend SP2.

05-17-2005, 11:56
Thanks guys! Kyo, I don't know why they (my co) uses SP1, but...you were right, it was not the profile. I found intelligent life form in my tech department...there was some security setting that somehow got changed. I am good to go once again.