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04-13-2005, 13:26
I have been reading up on hwa rang do, I know there is an academy in Fayetteville. Can any elucidate more on this? Was wondering if any of the QP's had any ideas about this kind of stuff, e.g. what a neophyte should look for, etc.

Go For Broke
05-01-2005, 01:13
Recently moved back to the NC area after a short time out west, so I really do not know too much about the Hwarangdo academy. As for what you mean by elucidate more on this - are you asking information on the school itself, or on Hwarangdo?

Here is my $0.02 on what you should look for WRT martial arts / combatives -

You should look for something that is based in CURRENT reality. Punches thrown from the hip (Karatedo) and jumping side kicks (Taekwondo) were ideal for their time and circumstances

You also need to avoid "instant Billy Jack" claims. The only thing that might make you "Billy Jack" over night is, in the word's of Bruce Lee "... a .45, and bang...end of story"

Look for something that is well rounded, in all ranges of combat - for me, I had to take four or five different methods, and then learn to integrate them.

Look for something that involves physical contact - Karatedo, Wing Chun/Tsun, Boxing, BJJ, Catch-as-Catch Can, Kali, Akido, etc...all involve physical contact. It only takes punching someone in the head (nice thick skull, thin bones in the hand) once to realize why boxers wear gloves...If the place where you want to study does not mix it up...find another one

Explain to them your needs. My last unit had two contracted instructors...they taught the basics of their systems (Modern Arnis and Gracie styly BJJ), but they were always willing to work with us to modify it to our specific needs...slightly different than civilians

Lastly, keep it simple and practice the basics - If you look at the combatives manuals even dating back to WWII (Kill or Get Killed [COL Rex Applegate] or Get Tough [W.E. Fairbain]) the techniques were simple, direct, and got the job done. That being said, learn to use your weapons as well...if you don't know how to fight with a stick, learn or stop carrying that expandable baton around - it just makes it easier for the other guy to lump you up.

Anybody else have other thoughts?

05-01-2005, 08:21
WRD is a very complicated martial art with literally thousands of techniques. It also requires high kicking.

I agree with GFB, look at Gutterfighting for work.

05-01-2005, 11:38
I'm not a QP, NBTHDS, but I'll cast another vote for WWII combatives.

If you're not familiar with the mat'l it's basically old style jujitsu stripped down to the simplest techniques with an emphasis on striking. Brutally effective, it's also easily learned. Probably not the best choice if restaining people without injuring them or use of force liability issues figure large in your decision making. On the other hand, it works real well on people wearing web gear and body armor.

I believe it's been covered here before, but you can go a long way with McCann's or Cestari's tapes and a Spar Pro. Cestari will be releasing tapes focussed on solo training in the next couple months, I just learned today. His stuff is available through http://www.close-combat-video.com/ , McCann's stuff is available from Paladin.

I seem to recall that John Kary had someone teaching "American Combatives", which is his implementation of the WWII stuff, in the Fayetteville area. Try google to find them. Kary's stuff is derided by some as not being pure FAS techniques, and some silliness has definitely crept in, but it's WAY better than a lot stuff being taught out there and I know I learned a lot from the man. Of course, I had a lot to learn. :D

05-01-2005, 11:40
BTW Sneaky,

Did Clint come through on the tapes for you? Had a chance to watch them yet? What'd you think?

05-01-2005, 12:25
My first question is why are you looking at this one in particular? Next would be what do you expect to get out of a martial art? Are you looking for a self defense? If so, don't choose a MA, Combatives or Krav Maga would be my suggestion.

Any GOOD, (I can't emphasise that word enough), martial art school that you investigate will not only teach their root art, i.e. TKD, HRD, Karate, etc, but will combine other types of arts as well in their self defense classes.

For example, I teach ITF style TKD which is very similar to HWD. Traditional TKD is the root instruction but, knowing that fights aren't won with kicks, I incorporate Hapkido and Aikido, (joint locks and bars, throws), techniques for upright close fighting and Jujitsu for gound fighting where you will most likely end up in a fight.

All martial arts originated from the same place and if you look close enough you'll see the similarities. What's important is what you want and what you expect to get out of it.

These are my opinions and worth everything you paid for them.

05-01-2005, 13:15
BTW Sneaky,

Did Clint come through on the tapes for you? Had a chance to watch them yet? What'd you think?
He offered, I refused very politely. I want the whole set. I have no problem paying for them. Clint and Damian and a few others have done a great deal of work to keep the history alive. I wouldn't feel right about taking them just because I posted a couple of lines of the truth (as I see it) on the internet. Besides, if my paying for them can keep them at it for one more day, it's worth it to me.

I'll get them soon enough.

05-01-2005, 15:44

I admire your self restraint and commend your ethics! Whenever you get them I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

05-02-2005, 16:03

I just got an email today from Damian describing the origins of the O'Neil method of combatives, which I'd frankly largely forgotten. In brief, O'Neil was an instructor under Fairbairn who was tasked with developing the H2H program for the "Devil's Brigade" the joint US Canadian special missions force. Unlike the programs developed for the OSS/ SOE folks, O'Neil's stuff is intended for a soldier on the battlefield in a melee with other soldiers. What he came up with is covered in one of the Cestari videos and may be exactly what you're looking for.


05-15-2005, 13:07
I looked into everything that Cincinnatus and Kyobanim talked about, wow is that a wealth of information! Carl's stuff is great, damn impressive. Thanks for the info!

That being said, I will be moving to the SW Virginia area (blacksburg) in June/July. Anyone with some knowledge who would like to start the learning process with me, feel free to contact/ PM...