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04-09-2005, 22:03
Hi Soldiers of the 10th SF Group, I am a dad of a Ranger in 1st Ranger bn, Hunter Army Airbase. He just a few weeks ago graduated RIP and is now in Savannah. First, thank you all for your service and dedication u gave to protecting America's freedom. My question is, do any of you remember M/SGT Tom Aldridge? he served in several different Groups over his time in service but the last was the 10th, when he retired around 1970. He is my Uncle and when I was a young (19yr ld) soldier serving in Viet Nam ( PHU BAI) he surprised me with a visit. It was so cool having a M/Sgt in SF coming to see me even though he was my uncle. Just curious if anyone remembers him or served with him. He is now in his mid 70's, active in the local VFW and a very remarkable person. Thanks, Rangerdad/Vet