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04-06-2005, 03:26
Copied from a forwarded e-mail
Remember the last Congress and House Resolution 1728 to provide incentive pay parity to Reservists? *It never made it out of the Armed Services Committee because, as one committee*staffer put it, "we never heard from the Reserve Community".** Put bluntly,*neither NGAUS or any of the other*association*ever got behind it and few Reservists picked up their phone or their pen to voice their interest.

We are about to have a second (last?) chance.* After considerable effort we will soon have a House Resolution introduced to provide full-rate incentive pay for flight crews, jump qualified Reservists, members performing diving duty or explosive ordinance disposal and Reservists qualified for Foreign Language Proficiency Pay.

Once again I see no indication that NGAUS will provide more than lip service. So without your assistance we will, I expect, fall short again.

First, recruit your fellow Guard and Reserve members and get them on board. If you are a full time AGR/Technician help your "M" day guys out and pass the word to them.* Inform similar units.* My second greatest challenge is getting the message out to those who would benefit from this.

Second, when I ask for you to make the phone call, fax or e mail.* Do it!* This will be very soon.

The Website:**http://home.earthlink.net/~incentivepay****has been updated this year and contains much useful information in preparation for writing/calling your elected representatives.

Without several hundred co-sponsors this Resolution will die unnoticed in Committee again.* Don?t let this opportunity to correct a long standing injustice pass.

Roger "Woody" Mitchell