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03-25-2005, 00:27
The link in this post will take you to a story my Father wrote, dedicated to three men who went to VMI with him. Unfortunately, these men were killed in action in Vietnam.
The story is essentially about the impact these three men had on my Father, and how their outlooks on life represented the Institution during the conflict in Vietnam.

It is a very emotional read.

The author is Maj.Robert A. Murray III, 3rd Ranger Batt, retired. I am posting this with his permission.

The Tribunes of 1969 (http://www.vmiaa.org/aa/ftpsite/classes/69/72remembers.htm)

The Reaper
03-25-2005, 08:55
Well written.

Thanks for sharing.


Soft Target
02-27-2006, 08:33
The writing described so well the experiences. It was the same in the few military colleges of the day. I am Pennsylvania Military College, '70. My ring is in a safe place so that I know it will be here for my burial (OK, it doesn't fit). I have served with VMI rats and found them to be stalwarts, some are amomg these ranks. We had a similar process for announcing losses and participated in some funeral details as cadets. I am so heartened that VMI, Citadel, etc., made it through those trying times. With the Class of '72, the PMC Corps of Cadets ceased, a sad day. As I clear my misty eyes after reading this marvelous bit of history, I think back as I did many same things and also retired in 1992. God, I miss it so! Well, enough melancholy meandering, the torch has been passed and I am so proud to see such magnificent soldiers carry the burden; do so with the utmost pride.

Rook Ling, Cadet #306, PMC '70 (Standing by and watching)