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03-21-2005, 20:04
Hey gents. My medical background is what I learned in Scouts. But don’t limit your responses on the basic first aid skills of what scouts know. Use all the information you know as an 18D, EMT, etc. The main goal of this is to get a discussion going. Post all your thoughts, or just one step that you would take. Ask all the questions you want. After a few replies, I will add some more information to the scenario.

You have been out on a weekend trek in the woods. Its mid Sunday morning and you’ve only got a couple miles left to your vehicle, but you car is another 15 miles from base. The morning rain has let up, but the ground and trees are still soaked. Temperature is in the mid to low 50s. Your cell phone is out of range. All you have is your basic weekend backpacking gear (think about what you would have with you). This is not a tactical scenario. You are wearing long pants (with a belt), a lightweight long sleeve t-shirt, and boots.

Along with your normal weekend in the woods gear, you have the following:
(1) Poncho/set of rain gear
(1) MRE left
(1) Canteen of water left
(1) Packet of Gatorade mix
(1) Flashlight
(1) Basic medical kit with the following:

(4) Triangle bandages
(2) Israeli Bandage
(4) 4x4's
(1) 5x9
(5) Assorted Adhesive Band-Aids
(2) Rolls Kerlix
(1) Trauma Shears
(1) Antibiotic Ointment
(1) Bottle of Aspirin
(1) Tourniquet
(1) Cold Pack
(2) Pairs of Latex Gloves
(6) Assorted Gauze Pads (2 small, 2 mediums, 2 large)

Here is the scenario:

You reach the edge of the woods and get to the road that leads up the hill to the parking lot and trailhead—but it’s still a 2-mile hike. A jeep is coming up the road, so you take the time for it to pass to get a drink of water and catch your breath for the last climb to the car. The jeep is coming up on you at a high speed. There are two passengers: One male, 25-30 years old, and one Female, 20-25 years old. The male is driving.

The jeep swerves and loses control, rolls a few times and comes to a rest on its top. The jeep is at the edge of the tree line in front of you.

Victim #1 [Driver] is partially ejected and the jeep is crushing his arm above the elbow. You can hear him screaming and see blood coming from below the vehicle and beginning to pool. He is still has his safety belt on. The jeep is still running.

Victim #2 [Passenger] was ejected (was not wearing a seat belt) and is lying face down in the road approximately 20' from the jeep. The female is the closest one to you. You observe an obvious deformity to the lower right leg and knee. There is no visible blood loss. She is face down, not breathing, but has a very strong pulse.

What do you do? And Why?


03-21-2005, 21:02
and welcome to PS.com.
Thank you for filling out your profile. Though I understand your desire to strike up meaningful conversation, I did not notice any medical exertise or experience listed in your information.
We could utilize literally all available bandwidth on what "would you do" type scenarios, but that is not the general feel of what this site (and the medical forum here) is about.
No doubt you have seen a few other "what would you do" scenarios here and there already...but these are traditionally generated by PS.com members who are also medical professionals. These posts are designe to share the information "as lessons learned" from real life misery and death for the education and benefit of others.

I would ask that this type of posting be refrained from in the future unless there is specific learning objective or point you are trying to get from it.

I can discuss this further with you via PM if you wish. Please continue to post and enjoy the site.


03-22-2005, 15:18
JMH, the issue is you posted as a challenge. Try re-wording it more as a cry for help. ;)

03-23-2005, 00:23
HELP! I didn't mean for it to sound like I was calling somebody out for a fight at high noon. I'd like to take it to PM if anyone is willing to strike up a conversation that way.


03-23-2005, 06:23
What do you do? And Why?


The question should have been "What would you do first?"

The first thing would be to mutter under my breath "Dumb ass".


03-23-2005, 15:14
1. Turn the Jeep off.
2. ABCs
3. Check the airway on the chick.
4. Check the dude to stop any arterial bleeding.
5. If the chick still isn't breathing - do rescue breathing. After making sure nothing is going to kill the dude.