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02-16-2004, 19:56
From AT at Fort AP Hill. I have no idea when these were taken, I just pulled them from my box o' 11th Group historical documents.

02-16-2004, 19:59

Roguish Lawyer
02-16-2004, 21:16
Great pix, but shouldn't they have national security bars on them?

02-17-2004, 00:44
Reaper, that first one looks familiar! "DAMN! Chief B, git yer fat ass in the boat already!" LOL

02-17-2004, 03:10
Originally posted by Roguish Lawyer
Great pix, but shouldn't they have national security bars on them?

Those pics are 70s, probably late 70s. There is one person who looks very familiar to me, trying to place a name and place to the face.

Team Sergeant
02-17-2004, 05:57
Originally posted by Roguish Lawyer
Great pix, but shouldn't they have national security bars on them?

My guess would be those pictures are pushing 30 years old. I see nothing wrong with them.


The Reaper
02-17-2004, 06:00
Originally posted by NousDefionsDoc
Reaper, that first one looks familiar! "DAMN! Chief B, git yer fat ass in the boat already!" LOL

You are killing me. Looks like the boat is about to fold where he is sitting.

How about, "Damn, Chief, could you try hanging in till we are out of sight of the Company HQs before you drop out of the run and start walking?"


02-17-2004, 08:57
Last one I could find. These were all published in "The Beret", the 11th Group newsletter, but I can't find my archive of copies of the newsletter (I think I may have given them to the USASOC archives).

01-27-2007, 15:47
I know 3 of the members. I believe it is 82 FTX in FLa.

ODA 226
12-07-2007, 14:51
The guy in the middle holdng the M-16 looks like Roger Hale. The guy paddling to his immediate left front looks like Frank Welch.

12-14-2010, 17:54
This is a picture I found in my fathers military papers.
It is Aug 3 1963,4 or 5 the Aug is definite there is an article on the back of the paper but no year since it was torn out of the paper.
Hope the historians like it.

03-17-2012, 14:34
I was active duty (AGR) in SVC Co at Ft. Meade, MD during 88-91 not a 18 series but served as a 91B and 76Y. Truly the best time of my military life.

02-17-2013, 05:15
Here's our team at the end of an FTX in May '77 I think. We had isolation at Ft Bragg, jumped into Ft Stewart (?) and took 2 RB's down the Ogeechee River on a recon mission. Not a good jump, the LT broke his leg and the team captain cut both his knees to the bone (but he made the trip). Our team was augmented so I don't know everyone.

Front row kneeling, left to right, unk, Chip Mendelson, unk, Dave Paradis (team daddy), myself.
Back row standing, unk, unk, Ed Columbus, Ed Hines (team capt, deceased), Ken Miles, Zap Zapone, Jazewitz (held the distinction of highest tick count on trip), unk (grader, not a team member)

Craziest jump I was ever on, I was the JM, the 130 was full with 3 teams (or was it 4?, we were sardines) and our team was second in line. The first team didn't jump so they were crammed onto the ramp and trying not to slide down into my work area as we approached our DZ. At the command of Get Ready Hines' life vest deployed on one side and I'm looking at 2 big yellow balloons with less than 6 minutes to go. I got those replaced, Ed sorted out and JM checked again and everyone up and ready with 20, maybe 30 seconds to spare. And that was just one of the things that went wrong... LOL Oh well, we got the job done, slipped thru an ambush set up for us (thank God for Starlight scopes) and got a special reception with the 5th Group CO because we did so well. Not bad for reservists...

02-17-2013, 05:38
Pic of myself during our team's deployment to Germany during Reforger - 78. ODA 113, 11th SFG(A). We were sitting around waiting for the powers that be (SFC's and above) to determine our route for the day's movement. Had a good time on this trip, last full day there we snuck in the Division HHQ battalion camp we were aggressing against and shot the place up with simulators and such. Got them all turned around and their MG security posts turned their guns around and started laying down fire INTO their own camp. The graders were so pissed at them that they determined our little group had killed the lot of them, mostly through their own guys. LOL Two most memorable events, Zap's turning his red strip of cloth into a mask with eye slits and looking like some crazed, murderous wacko (we all thought it was a great idea and followed suit) and how that officer standing on the steps outside the division CP hut went backwards, heels over head when that arty simulator went off right under his nose (bet he didn't expect that at 2AM!). We could still hear them shooting themselves up 30 minutes after we left and had reassembled at the rally point. It was fun.