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03-09-2005, 01:12
Thank you for the forum and sharing your insight.

Background: Hawaii resident, 32, been squared away at MEPS for an 18X. Recently advised to look into rep 63 program.

Since HI has no SF unit, I'm looking for deciding factors as to which state to sign with.

Being clear on the 18X program, I'm looking into the differences of going rep 63 (short run and long run). (E.g. Rep 63s ship off as quickly as an 18X? Can a Guard guy activate right after school?, etc)


03-09-2005, 05:11
The pipeline is EXACTLY the same.

Rep-63's go to Infantry AIT just like 18X's. Although, some Guard guy's do choose to go to the 93W AIT instead.

Can I go active after receiving my tab? Get a Ranger School slot? Other high speed school slots?

Yes, but it may take some time and some back door dealing. Your contract is with the State you choose to enlist in. You will have to get them to release you before you can go Active. Sometimes getting that release is no problem and sometimes it's a little challenge.

The Reaper
03-09-2005, 16:43

Less than one day here, clearly have not read everything relevant to your question or searched the site completely.

If this were Assessment and Selection, you would have fallen short of your goal already for failure to apply yourself and general laziness.

Please do a search for your questions, read everything that might be relevant here, read all of the stickies, and heed the advice given BEFORE spamming multiple forums with your questions.

I would be more concerned with passing BCT, AIT, BAS, SOPC I, SFAS, SOPC II, PLDC, BNCOC, SFQC, CLT, and SERE than any HSLD follow-on courses you might wish to attend, assuming that you make it through all of the above. This very topic was flogged thoroughly already here very recently.

Have a very SF day.