View Full Version : Surgery Infections (NSW)(Australia)

02-15-2004, 13:45
CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA: New health figures in the Australian state of New South Wales have shown that for every million hospital procedures, at least 20,000 people go home with infections
acquired during surgery or recovering in the ward.

The figures, released yesterday, represent an infection rate of about 2 to 3 per cent for surgery such as hip and knee replacements and 4 per cent for coronary artery bypass surgery.
Experts said the figures indicated health-care related infections were a rare but serious occurrence. An infectious diseases physician and microbiologist at Canberra Hospital, Peter Collignon, said death rates from hospital infections were also unacceptably high.

A six-year national study of intravenous drips suggested 4000 people a year developed IV-line infections, with a 10 per cent mortality rate, Professor Collignon said.

Several cases involving patient deaths at Camden and Campbelltown hospitals involved health care related infections, including Omar Alexander's wife, Dawn, who died from
septicaemia a week after giving birth. The deaths are now the subject of several inquiries.

Roguish Lawyer
02-15-2004, 13:48
Seems awfully high to me . . .

Doc T
02-16-2004, 19:31
a 10% mortality from a line infection is extremely high...

the incidence of infection overall seems quite low to me on the other hand.

As a critical care physician I obviously see a much higher rate of infection than they are citing....and a much lower line infection mortality...thankfully.