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03-04-2005, 08:56
Since I'm now working in the guard liason office here at Bragg, while I wait for language school to start, I thought I'd pass on the latest information the Ops NCO here wants to get distro'ed down to the units.

We're having a lot of questions from soldiers arriving here, especially SPC4's, about how they get promoted. Many of them have been E4's for years incl their prior-service, and the units are telling them not to worry, that they'll be promoted when they get to Bragg. It's not necessarily that simple.

If you are from one of the units sending soldiers to the course, once they are here on orders they will fall under the promotion guidelines of student company. The state will not be able to promote soldiers in the course until they have been boarded, and in student company, the following criteria will determine whether or not you are sent to the board:

1. You must be enrolled in phase III or beyond that point, plus one of the following two criteria:

a. you must be in the primary zone

b. you must be in the secondary zone and be recommended by your TAC

However, the Ops NCO here is trying to get the word down to all the units that if their guys are promotable before they get to Bragg, then the best option is to get them promoted before they leave. According to the MSG, even if the soldier has not attended PLDC or BNCOC he can still be promoted without being boarded as long as he is scheduled to attend the SFQC within the year. The rule, as the MSG here put it, is that the units should not be sending any more E4s to the SFQC.

If anyone from one of the units who this concerns directly (read: a training or readiness NCO, unit S1, etc) is interested in more information on this, you can contact our Ops NCO at the ARNG Liason office at 910-432-3318.

03-07-2005, 10:00
Great information D9.