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03-03-2005, 13:18
Hey folks, I just received a reply from Paladin Press regarding instructional videos being offered in DVD format. For those interested, a few of Kelly McCann's (aka Jim Grover) videos will be available this year. Specifically, "Situational Self-Offense" will be ready by the end of this month, and the "Inside the Crucible" series will be completed by the end of May. This is very good news for the do-it-yourselfer, as DVD formats have a much clearer, stable paused and slo-mo picture if you are trying to see details of a particular skill that you just can't catch at normal speed, and moving to specific parts of the video is, obviously, much easier than the old VHS fast-forward/rewind drill.

Smokin Joe
03-03-2005, 20:57
Thanks for the info Razor