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Blue skies:

Rest In Peace:


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Master Sergeant Kelly Hornbeck, 3rd Battalion, 10th Special Forces Group, 1st Special Forces, died 18 January 2003 from wounds suffered in combat in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Master Sergeant Hornbeck, a Team Sergeant, was wounded 16 January 2003 when an improvised explosive device was detonated against his vehicle near Samarra.

He enlisted in the Army in 1987 as an 11B. He served as a Drill Sergeant at Fort Benning, Georgia, and volunteered for duty with the U.S. Army Special Forces in 1990.

Officials at Fort Bragg said Master Sergeant Hornbeck served as a combat diver, a military free-fall parachutist and a jumpmaster, among other duties. Hornbeck was also a graduate of the U.S. Army Ranger School.

He is survived by two daughters, Tyler Rae Hornbeck and Jaqueline McCall, and his parents, Jeffrey and Camille Hornbeck.

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Blue Skies Sgt Hornbeck.

My prayers to his family, friends, and team members.

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I like the photo...

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This hurts!


Ambush Master
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RIP, Top.


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RIP, Top.

Thank you for your service.

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Friends, family bid a final farewell to soldier killed in Iraq

By John Gutierrez-Mier and Paul Bourgeois
Star-Telegram staff writers
24 Jan 2004

FORT WORTH - They came to mourn a father, a son, a friend and a hero.

Family and friends of Army Master Sgt. Kelly L. Hornbeck poured into Travis Avenue Baptist Church Saturday afternoon for a final salute to the special forces soldier from Fort Worth who died last week in a hospital in Baghdad.

Among them were a few soldiers from the 3rd Battalion, 10th Special Forces Group from Fort Carson, Colo., the unit in which Hornbeck served.

With his flag-draped casket sitting near the pulpit, hundreds of people sat quietly as an organist filled the sanctuary with patriotic songs.

But it wasn't until the somber sound from a single bagpipe player began to fill the church that the tears began to fall.

Led by the kilt-clad bagpipe player, a military honor guard made its way to the front of the church as those sitting in the pews stood to pay their respects.

"As we come together today, we're grateful to all who have come to honor Kelly Hornbeck," said the Rev. Michael Dean, senior pastor at the church, just a few blocks from Paschal High School where Hornbeck graduated in 1985.

"We're here today to bring a word of hope and encouragement."

Hornbeck, 36, a career military man, was wounded when an explosive device hit his vehicle near Samarra, Iraq, authorities said. He died two days later.

The hour-and-a-half funeral service included a mix of patriotic songs, and tributes to Hornbeck, including a few words shared by his two daughters.

"Dad was a great friend," said daughter Jacqueline McCall, 11. "He died for his country and he was the best soldier because he was brave."

Army Capt. Terry Romine, chaplain of the 10th Special Forces Group, read remarks from daughter Tyler Hornbeck, 7, who shared the pulpit with her older sister.

"When people ask me what was my favorite memory of my dad, I say I don't know because I have so many," Tyler wrote.

Retired Command Sergeant Major Joseph Callahan said he remembers meeting Hornbeck a few years ago.

"He was a big, tall guy who was wearing a cowboy hat," said Callahan, who explained that over the years he would learn all about Texas from Hornbeck.

He recalled one of Hornbeck's missions in South America where he was assisting in the fight against drug dealers. Hornbeck, Callahan said, had a Texas flag flying at the camp.

"I asked why he was doing that," Callahan said. "He said, `When those guerrillas attack I want them to know there's a Texan here.' "

Matt Price of King Salmon, Alaska, said he had fond memories of Hornbeck, his football teammate at Paschal High School, as he greeted old friends in the parking lot before the funeral.

A hunting guide, Price, who is spending the winter in Fort Worth, said he was saddened by the news that his friend had died.

"He was just as solid as they come," said Price, who graduated a year after Hornbeck.

More than 200 friends braved the cold, steady rain for a short graveside service at Greenwood Cemetery.

With Special Forces soldiers as pallbearers, the bagpiper led the procession to the gravesite. Army Chaplain Romine recited the Special Forces Prayer. The playing of `Taps' followed a military gun salute.

Flags were presented to Sgt. Hornbeck's parents and to each of his daughters.

Next to the gravesite was a small banner with the Latin words "De Oppresso Libre." The motto of U.S. Special Forces, it translates as "To Free the Oppressed."

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RIP Kelly.

I'm glad to have had the opprotunity to serve with such a great Combat Leader. 092 will carry on closing with and destroying the enemy anywhere, anytime. Keep the beer cold till the rest of us get there.

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I attended Kelly Hornbeck's funeral in Ft. Worth. It was a cold, rainy day but nobody complained. The SF contingent was led by a BG, Kelly's Bn Cdr and Bn CSM. The Honor Guard did a great job of it all. Kelly is buried in a family plot atop his brother who took his own life several years ago. FYI, my brother-in-law's family knew Kelly's mother who was from their home town of Cisco, TX. Small world out here. There were three of us from Chapter XXXI of the SFA at the funeral. The NCOIC of the Honor Guard from the 10th Group best summed up what kind of soldier Kelly was when someone told him that they were sorry the Honor Guard had to stand out in the rain in their Class A's; he said, "This rain don't mean shit! We'd walk through Hell for Kelly!"

Vaya con Dios for an SF warrior.


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It's been a year, we all still feel the loss and always will.

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I went to visit some 10th Grp guys here in Iraq and they named their building Hornbeck hall. They had a picture of him on the wall. I remember him from the Q-course. RIP Kelly.