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01-22-2005, 19:51
I am a cadet, and will be comissioned in August, I wanted to go on active duty but instead was assessed Infantry NG. I know that SF is still a long way off in my future and that I should be more concerned about school and OBC at this time. I am curious, though, if I do stay in the guard and would like to set myself up for the position to be able to attend SFAS through the Guard, what kind of IN unit would be best for me? My state is looking for IN 2LT's for a new RSTA unit, but an Air Assult IN unit from another state is also interested to have me. Which unit could offer me the best opportunity to join the 19th or 20th?
Also, can anyone offer any additional advice as to what I can do to help my chances of making it?

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01-23-2005, 07:20
I guess times have changed, but in my day all but a very few received RA commissions. They still spent time on active duty.

01-23-2005, 13:26

I put forth a similiar type scenario in this thread a few months ago. Pay particular close attention to The Reaper's advice, because I think its the best i've received in awhile.


ANY Guard IN unit you join that provides a chance to learn and grow as a Platoon Leader is a step in the right direction. I would look hard at CAT I Guard units that get alot of funding. After you've done a couple years as a PL, then come back and think about SF. Thats the jist of what TR and others have advised and with all their experience, I'm certain they are right.

In the past month, i've found a couple Guard units that are interested in having me, I'm 90% sure i'll be going to IOBC in June and from there joining a NG IN unit deploying to Iraq this Nov/Dec, upon completion of the deployment i'll be given a chance to attend Ranger School.


01-23-2005, 21:09

Thanks for the link to your thread, it had alot great information. I needed the same advice.

Good luck in the future, I am very interested in the path that you take. Sounds like we have some of the same goals. I would be very interested in any advice or information you could offer me once you get to IOBC, Ranger School, or anything else dealing with the NG SF units.

01-23-2005, 22:58

You seem to already know what you want to do. I'll just make some observations.

1. Choose the NG IN based on where you end up living and what you do for a living. Make it easy on yourself getting to and from the unit. I would stick to a Light Infantry Unit and preferably a Long Range Survailance Det. The LSRD unit will require you to go to Airborne School and Ranger School. If they are a CAT 1 unit, the unit might offer some slots to Freefall, sniper, scout leader or SERE. A Light Infantry Background and the additional school will help you transition to a Special Forces Unit and knocking out some required schools like Airborne and SERE will lesson the time you spend in the pipeline. On that note if you can speak a Foriegn Language proficiently SWTC will wavier the months of Lanquage Training based on a score of 1+, 1+ or greater on the DLPT.

2. If your original goal is to enter into Active duty Infantry for a few years, I would not count that out. The Regular Army is critically short Officers Company Grade and under. Every IOBC class holds and Active Duty Assession Board for NG 2LT wishing to enter into active duty. Many of these slots are filled by top performing NG IOBC students who excell in Leadership, PT , academics and demonstrate the desire to serve on active duty.

3. As far as getting ready for SFAS and SFQC, Reaper and other have posted all that information on this site and links to USASOC, USAJFCSWTC web sites that detail the recomended training plan. Once you feel ready the unit will evaluate you through the NQP program.

4. Food for though, Although an NG SF unit will accept you without any prior Military experience, I would recommend spending some time as a Platoon Leader in a Light Infantry Unit for professional developement. Even the most accomplished officers can be humbled by a strong Team Sergeant with 18 or more years of experience.

Good Luck