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11-25-2017, 19:21

Thank you all for your service and sacrifices.

I am Walter's Widow, Candace.

Walter passed away from illness attributed to Agent Orange exposure.

The claim has been denied as we have not be able to show that he was "in country", or at a location that is presumptive.

He would talk about Agent Orange and being exposed to the chemical and at times be wet from walking around in places it was sprayed.

He also talked about being an A team leader, the special relationships with the men, and never recovered from the loss of someone that he remembered getting killed in the Quang Tri Province.

The claim has been appealed and there will be a hearing for me discuss whatever else I can come up with, such as buddy letters, to verify the exposure.

Does anyone out there remember Captain Walter F. Brown?

He was at Nong Takoo 70-72.

Hopefully someone can help.

Thank you very much.

11-26-2017, 05:04
You received an email asking that you do a couple tasks,, BEFORE posting questions.. Find that email, read carefully, and accomplish the requested tasks.

Read and follow the direction here:


After these tasks, Edit your post to add your reasons for wanting this information. Are you family, team mate, co-worker?

Use your Google Fu,, try the internet??



11-26-2017, 06:36
Thank you for your response. The link provided opens a security alert page.

11-26-2017, 06:48
Thank you for your response. The link provided opens a security alert page.

Can you read?


11-26-2017, 06:56
I don't have the original email, and the link you provided doesn't open. Should I start a new account? I truly don't mean any disrespect. Thank you.

11-26-2017, 07:06
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11-26-2017, 08:47
Walter passed away from illness attributed to Agent Orange exposure.

The claim has been denied as we have not be able to show that he was "in country", or at a location that is presumptive.

My condolences for your loss..

1)do you have any award orders or citations for combat action? Most reference dates and local of actions.

2)have you filed a request for Cpt Brown's records? By filling out a from VA SF-180, FOIA, you should get his DD-214, DA-25, and possibly his orders for overseas assignments.


3)There are several web sites that have AO info.





4) Thailand is a presumptive area for AO..


5)I have passed your note to another SF site that has older vets.

11-27-2017, 04:39
Update to inquiery:

1)Photo of Cpt Brown, from 46th Co yearbook (c attached). A couple of the troops know of him, but did not serve with Cpt Brown.

2)Sherman does show him in his book, Who's Who from Special Forces in Thailand serving with the 46th Co in Thailand.

3)He is not on the CIB/CMB/VNJW roster, nor the SOG rosters

4)He was Mike Murphy's XO on SFT40, in Nong Takoo

5)Reference "A-36", nobody knows of that camp or team, BUT Sherman lists a SFT36 at Nong Takoo? I suspect that Walter was confused about the team he was on.

6)An individual, that was at Nong Takoo, stated there was no AO used there, but could not vouch for other areas in Thailand.

7)There is a VA letter on AO in Thailand link: VA AO in Thailand letter (https://www.publichealth.va.gov/exposures/agentorange/locations/thailand.asp)