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10-09-2017, 14:24
because 'Murica, that's why.

One of the latest push to break limits of ELR marksmanship. Science + Art + Skill + Luck. All in one. Makes you wonder at what point we just do precise artillery competition :D
Must make any Che wannabe ruler restless and gun-fearing grabber shaking.

There are channels of folks' lobbing nearly unlimited around to finally get a ding, but under time crunch and limited round count? Just after how many attempts before it no longer counts as precision shot. Afterall, one can walk a crew served to a target

King of two miles competition:

2.05 miles 1st round hit:

and here I am just working towards the 1 mile club with 6.5 CM :lifter

10-09-2017, 14:50
If I got this right,, here is an explanation of the rifle setup..


I just ordered 3 copies. They gave me a 25% discount , only a bazillion bucks each. I only need one, so the first two(2) post with "I'll take one" with a certified bank check, gets one.. I will not ship to states or cities that don't allow toys.. s/h and sales tax extra

10-26-2017, 20:20

Good article by Todd H.
If only high school and freshman physics do ELR shooting problems....id work harder for those As:D