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09-28-2017, 18:39
With the Tikka TACA1, I finally enter the world of 6.5 Creedmoor
Many thanks to master Rick who steered me towards Tikka, and Gabriele of BerettaUSA who found one when it's sold out everywhere!
I was test driving one during the sniper comp earlier this year, and couldn't believe the price tag! Since it comes with 2 magazines, another free mag rebate, and the TRG brake, all of them over $600, I sincerely believe it is a much better value than the RPR.

There are already plenty rave reviews on YT and review mag, but nothing beats hands on experience. I thought 2lbs at lowest trigger setting is too heavy but it's more crisp than my Geissele national match, Timney, and few AI I am accustomed to throughout the years. The reviews are also consistent in its out-of-the-box stupid accuracy with factory ammo. From 3rd group Todd V. nailing 3/4" at 200 yards to the AK union Rob Ski with <0.5 MOA at 656 yards! https://www.*******.com/watch?v=thpecIRtOJw
Hornady 140gr ELD seems to be the ticket.

Out of the box, I've never picked up a rifle that balances perfectly offhand like a custom Tubb, instilling that confidence for offhand shot at 600! The adjustable cheek comb is also unique in that you can adjust the angle. So far I have not seen any factory one capable of that. The action slides without effort. May not be surgeon, but reminds me of the slick OBR bolt sliding through with just tilting the rifle. The oversize bolt head and generous angle make for lightning speed bolt manipulation. Finally, some wiggle may be expected with any folding stock (AK, cough..AK), but this one is rock solid

Now for some less stellar observation. The grip grippy material like that of hogue is solid, however I don't dig the AR grip angle. Also the forend coating material is not as robust as the mid chassis, but it's nothing a rudimentary paint or cerakote can solve.

I put it next to the PMPDW for size comparison. It's twice the price, yet has 5x the range, 1/5 the shot groups, and also 5x the ammo cost (lol). Hammer vs scalpel

I'll be sad if my country clearance arrives before running it through the gauntlet. May have to let my loss be someone's gain at that point...;)

09-28-2017, 20:04
Very nice.

I've been looking at the Tikka TSR1 .308 rig. It seems like a really solid setup. I handled one before and just barely made it out of there without owning it. :D.