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Team Sergeant
09-01-2017, 10:42
Sean Moore of Hartselle, Alabama Special Forces Liar and Fraud

Green Beret Liar and Fraud, Sean Moore ripping off charities now..........

Special Forces Liar and Fraud, Sean Moore your military records indicate you were thrown out of the Army as a PV1 and issued a "Other than Honorable" discharge in lieu of a courts martial.

Now you are ripping off military charities, well done. You've earned a very special place in our Hall of Shame as the bottom feeding scumbag you really are........

I'm betting your family also thinks you were/are a wounded Special Forces soldier and not the criminal your records state.

(We will be sending the VA a note on you, see if you're ripping them off also.)

Enjoy your new found fame, you earned it!

Team Sergeant

(Might want to let the Force Blue gents know about the bottom-feeding scumbag Sean Moore.)



SEAN MOORE - U.S. Army Special Forces

Born in Upstate NY, Sean joined the Army in 2006 and served with the esteemed Army Special Forces (Green Berets) until 2012. During that time he deployed twice to Iraq — once to Kirkuk and again in 2008 to Mosul. During Sean’s deployment to Mosul he was hit with a small roadside IED in a trash pile while dismounting. The blast damaged his knee, and he received various shrapnel wounds. He was also diagnosed with a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). From 2008-2011, Sean was in and out of VA care and was diagnosed with PTS. From the TBI he suffered short term memory loss, impulse control, and bi polar like symptoms. In the years since, Sean has managed his issues with the help of his wife Hannah and son. The couple is expecting their second child later in 2017.


09-01-2017, 11:00
What a lying scum bag....

09-01-2017, 11:37
I have to wonder why no proof is necessary for these organizations, especially with the risk of embarrassment (as in this case). There are plenty of legitimate candidates, all of whom would be willing to prove their service.

Team Sergeant
09-01-2017, 15:59
I have to wonder why no proof is necessary for these organizations, especially with the risk of embarrassment (as in this case). There are plenty of legitimate candidates, all of whom would be willing to prove their service.

Exactly why every police/gov fraud we've busted goes unpunished.

Of all the scumbags we've exposed only about three have ever been arrested.......

Even the US Army does little to their own frauds...... Remember National Guard SGM John Letuli Green Beret Liar and Fraud? The army did basically nothing to him and allowed him to retire with an honorable discharge.

Team Sergeant
09-01-2017, 17:16
Seems our newest fraud and liar just got fired........ :munchin

"Chris, This is Jim Ritterhoff, Executive Director, FORCE BLUE. On behalf of our entire organization I would like to thank you for bringing to light the issues surrounding Sean Moore’s service record. Please understand, today is the first we’d heard of any of this. I confronted Sean with the facts this afternoon, and he came clean. I informed him that he would no longer be a part of any FORCE BLUE TEAM ONE missions or deployments moving forward, and he accepted that outcome. Involving Sean in our initial deployment was an egregious mistake, and one that will never be replicated. Air Force PJ and Silver Star recipient Roger Sparks has been installed as our Director of Recruitment & Deployment, and processes are being put in place to ensure such mistakes never happen again. Thank you for looking out for our SOF Veteran community and what I hope will be your continued support of FORCE BLUE."

Saw this at: http://thisainthell.us/blog/?p=74408

The Reaper
09-01-2017, 19:57
More like he is a member of the Blue Falcons.

Lying POS. :mad:


Team Sergeant
09-02-2017, 08:57
I'm guessing by now this bottom-feeding scumbag is feeling the heat. He knows he's been caught scamming charities........ He needs some jail time. If you're reading this search for him on the internet, send us the links to his lies.


Huntsville, AL Sean Moore Special Forces Green Beret Liar and Fraud

Army veteran recalls time in Iraq that led to PTSD
Monday, October 17th 2016, 12:17 pm MST
Monday, October 24th 2016, 7:12 am MST
By Stephanie Mills, Reporter

In Iraq in 2008, Army specialist Sean Moore’s convoy was hit by an IED, leading to traumatic brain injury and radically changing his life.

The event shaped and molded his future of dealing with PTSD.

“At first it just seemed like a small nonevent. I was unconscious, the blast was large but, obviously we were ok. But the symptoms started to develop from there,” said Moore.

Sean Moore had been on a regular mission that day when everything took a turn for the worse.

“We’re moving along and all of a sudden there’s just this loud blast. I remember waking up on my back, the smell of the dirt is what sticks with me. Having my whole self-checked over but I remember feeling like, 'ok, I can feel my legs, I can feel my arms, I’m good.' That wasn’t really the case as I’d figure out down the line,” explained Moore.

Moore was told to move on, get back in the field, after only a few days of rest. Resulting in more damage being done.
“I’d like to say it got better but it got worst leading up to hospitalization, in a patient facility, and really just losing who I was, panic attacks, craziness,” said Moore.

Finally, Moore was medically discharged as a staff sergeant in 2012.

“I came home, didn’t receive a ton of treatment, nothing’s working for me, I was drinking pretty heavily, marriage was suffering, things were going down that path that you hear about so often,” described Moore.

Then his wife, Hannah, stepped in.

“She constantly was telling me that I could do better, arguing with the Army doctors, saying ‘something is wrong with him, this is what is wrong. You need to pay attention,’” said Moore.

After being diagnosed with PTSD, Sean went looking for other ways of treatment.

“I was recommended to go to this program called Mighty Oaks. it’s a faith-based, a Christian program. focuses on mind, body and spirit. For me, this was a big turnaround. They talk about post-traumatic growth,” said Moore.

Along with Mighty Oaks, Moore uses jujitsu as replacement conditioning. He also scuba dives.

“For me, it kind of simulates the war zone. That kind of focus you had before. To be able to touch that mindset and touch that feeling is therapeutic for me,” said Moore.

Eight years since the explosion, and four years since his retirement from the military, Moore feels he has overcome the main battle with PTSD.

“I would say I’m still healing. I have scans done regularly. I feel pretty good about where I’m at. My marriage is stronger than ever. I have a five-year-old, who thinks the world of me,” described Moore.

Moore has a message for those who may be struggling.

“When you isolate everything starts to spiral. You can be the worst critic and when that is the only counsel you have, you’re in trouble. Get involved with local groups.”

If you suffer from PTSD and are interested in any of the programs mentioned, click here.

For information on Mighty Oaks Warriors. For information on Veterans Jiujitsu, you can go to the Maverick Training Center Facebook Page

Veterans Jiu-Jitsu Facebook Page and Maverick Training.

Also, if you’re interested in veteran scuba diving, contact Southeastern Divers, Inc. by clicking here or by visiting the store off Governors Drive SW.


09-02-2017, 12:07
Sean Moore Waht a worthless piece of shit, liar and Fraud

He should be investigated and convicted of fraud.

What a bottom feeding POS

09-03-2017, 10:44
Sean Moore of Hartselle, Alabama Special Forces Liar and Fraud, what a piece of bottom feeding scum.

Sean Moore of Hartselle, Alabama Special Forces Liar and Fraud, there is no excuse fro what you did. you should spend time in jail for what you did.