View Full Version : SF Gold Suit Button Set for donation to SFA

08-08-2017, 14:23
Highest Bid, money goes to SFA

08-08-2017, 17:24
Highest Bid, money goes to SFA

I'll open the bidding at 25 USD..

08-08-2017, 18:21

08-09-2017, 06:06
Concerning the buttons, These questions were ask of me;
1)are the buttons documented as xx karat?

Gold plated I believe.

2)the bottom center button, is it bigger then the four corner buttons, or is it the wide angle lens stretch?

The set consist of three (3) Front Suit Coat Buttons of Equal Size and six (6) Cuff Buttons, three (3) for each sleeve.

The Buttons have been in my possession for years. I think I purchased them in London when I was with 12th SFG(A) 1980's. They are in a beautiful blue velvet box and the buttons have never be remove from the box. They are in mint condition. I googled the company's web site and failed to find another set made by this "Royal Chartered" firm.

08-11-2017, 09:39
Last call on this set tonight 8/12/17

CSB is the high Bidder. Auction closed.

08-21-2017, 16:06
Shipped today 1400hrs

08-22-2017, 17:44
The check's in the mail.