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08-01-2017, 17:35
Greetings All
Hope everyone is well especially those here Ive served with.

Im hoping to fly to CA on a regular basis and would like to bring a handgun with me for USPSA etc. I am familiar with traveling with handguns, TSA, etc but havent traveled to CA with firearms.

Any advice, suggestions, lessons learned are appreciated. MODs please delete if not appropriate-
Thank you

08-01-2017, 20:05
I would check the CA dept of justice website. if your magazines are 10rd or lower you should be fine transporting it into the state in accordance with TSA/airline rules. "hi cap" mags are not allowed though. Good luck. This states firearms laws are ludicrous.

08-01-2017, 20:38
Contact one of the USPSA CA chapters. There are special rules for competitions and some other events.



08-02-2017, 07:12
Concur - Check not only TSA but that particular airline's rules. I was flying out of St Louis with some kit a few years ago and the airline prick at the counter seized all my ammo. It was ammo not readily available to others so I was a bit "peeved". I was venting to the TSA guy as he was checking in my gear and he actually went over to try to get it back as it was compiled IAW TSA rules. He was a good guy and he came back swearing what a prick the little tonsil-jockey at the counter was. He couldn't do anything to get my stuff back. Still frosts my grommet to this day.

08-02-2017, 08:14
Contact one of the USPSA CA chapters.

Not a spurt,, But I would seriously look at sending your toys to a USPSA chapter via fedx (or whom ever) to a gun shop in the AO.

Dragging toys back & forth via the airlines might set off multiple TSA flags AND at least ONE(1) Airline A$$H0 employee..

Good Luck :munchin