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07-11-2017, 21:56
Getting rid the rest of .22 LR

Elex Tenex
12.9mm from Anschutz at 50 https://www.*******.com/watch?v=Zccmu9UmEx8
So if you have a match bolt .22 rifle, this is for you.
It won't run reliably in semiauto rifle or pistol. Never tried it on .22LR revolver, but logically it should run
Priced to sell at 1500 rounds (3 bricks) for $210 or $7 per 50

Remington Pistol Match .22 LR
Runs reliably in S&W Model 41 and Ruger MK series
1500 rounds (3 bricks) for $150 or $5 per 50

I also throw 3 boxes of CMP-issued Remington white box for free

If anyone got a Savage Arms Mark II FV-SR 22LR Or Advantage Arms G26 upper priced to sell, I just have to buy it and keep the ammo;)