View Full Version : Tim Crabb, Special Forces fraud.

06-12-2017, 12:34
Tim Crabb claims he jumped from 25,000ft. He didn't jump from 5ft as he was a nasty leg. here's the ******* video on this turd.


We tried to call him many time yet he wouldn't;t answer his phone. A friend of his gave us his Phone number.

He claimed 5th SFG and 20th SFG, neither of witch was true. He spent a few years in the Navy and Army Reserves and got out a Private.

06-12-2017, 13:32
The dates of serivce, Apr 82 thru Aug 2000, 18 yrs,, was he AWOL??

Team Sergeant
06-12-2017, 14:38
Damn, another one that spent years in and discharged as a "Private". That takes hard work and dedication get out at the lowest rank possible.

I was just telling someone the other day my highest jump was 26,250. And I was a member of 5th Group! I didn't see Tim on that jump........:munchin

06-12-2017, 15:56
JJ, we saw a small blip in 1998 that had him scheduled to go through the 11C course. He never showed up. It didn't show anything else.

We only spoke on what we knew.