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01-17-2005, 17:51
Has anyone heard of or used this yet?

Recent developments in technology have allowed this revolutionary gauze to change the way EMS professionals treat their patients. ActCel was developed as a tool to provide medical professionals the ability to stop bleeding in the most efficient manner possible.

Capillary Wounds
Arterial Bleeds

ActCel hemostatic gauze, created from regenerated cellulose, is an effective, patented hemostatic agent. Upon contact with blood, ActCel gauze instantly converts to a collagen like gel which expands to cause direct pressure on blood vessels and control bleeding. Hemostatic Gauze is water-soluble and the gel can be removed easily when water, saline or hydrogen peroxide is applied.


01-20-2005, 07:00
I never doubt new products but.....I usually get a heads up on stuff like this with my tactical medical connections...you can see on the civilian and armed forces side where products like this are desperately needed and I generally get an early view/review of similiar products. This is the 1st I'm hearing about this one.......
I'm going to contact the company and see what happens. I usually 'field test' myself at my trauma center and with another trauma center to remain 'unbiased'.
I have used traumadex and like it, stay away from Quikclot.
If I do get a chance at trying this product, I'll post the results.

01-20-2005, 07:07
Thanks Doc,

Something told me to stay away from Quickclot. Pouring something into a wound did not sit right with me.

01-20-2005, 12:30
read this....... from www.policemag.com
We published this a few months ago

01-20-2005, 21:08

We are going to have to talk. :D I just came up with a way to use that new stuff.

01-25-2005, 19:57

08-20-2008, 13:57

I saw a package of this ActCel in a prepacked hurricane survival kit one of my neighbors had - I had never heard of it before today. Their website makes some big claims (big surprise, lol). Has anyone had any experience with this product in emergent situations since this thread was begun in 2005?

08-20-2008, 15:26
D9...good for scrapes and bu-bu's IMHO. I had 20 sheets of the stuff given to me by the developer of it. Was trying to compete with other known products for tactical use. If you fell and skinned your knee, it would work fine.........


08-20-2008, 15:38
According to ATACCC (Advanced Trauma Applications in Combat Casualty Care Research Program) conference last week in Tampa, ActCel isn't even on their radar. Top of the list was Woundstat, Hemcon and then Quikclot. Problem with all of these is that you have to hold pressure for two to five minutes. That's too long in the field under fire.
Just an FYI, Quikclot does not have the exothermic properties it used to. It no longers gets above 110f. It is no longer in a pourable powder form, it is in little mesh packages that have a radiopaque marker so docs know when it is in the wound. Also the makers of the Israeli bandage are working on including it in their bandage. It'll have tear offs that you can put in the wound and then wrap with the bandage.

08-20-2008, 19:24
Great update. Thanks all for the info.