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03-25-2017, 11:55
Don "The POSer" Lacasky was good.... real good. He ran with some vetted SF guys and a military MC.

One day someone introduced him as a former 10th Grp guy and the rest is history. Other SF thought that because an SF guy said he was SF (mistakenly), then he was good to go.

He actually appeared in a since removed, Army video about Special Operations.
When it was noticed that he was saluting wearing his fake GB, we contacted the correct people and the video was quickly removed.

Here's his video:

The music for the above video is by an SF Brother JD White

When he died, the MC he rode with, wanted to give him a military funeral. His wife couldn't find a DD214. That's when his sister told us that his family had begged him his entire life to quit pretending to be a veteran.

We talked to a family member and was told that the only time he was ever on a military installation was for his nephews AIT graduation.

tom kelly
03-25-2017, 17:39
Don the POSer was NOT the only person to claim Vietnam Veteran Status.
IN 2015 14 million people "Claimed" Vietnam Veteran status. There are statistics on the web to indicate how many actual Vietnam (Boots on the Ground) are alive today March 2017.

03-25-2017, 19:43
They just identify as Vietnam Vets.

Did you nit get the memo, that it was Ok.;)

I just met a sales person today at Advanced Auto that did 3 yrs in the army. Was an MP but before he went to AIT they pulled him out and made him a sniper and he jumped into Grenada. After Grenada he did AIT and went on to Germany to guard Nukes and out..... All I could do is look at him and walk out.