View Full Version : Bud Hadley. SF Poser and co-owner of Warlord Beard Oil Company

03-19-2017, 16:52
I present Bud Hadley. He is the majority owner of Warlord Beard Oil Company.
I talked to the other owner, Steve R. It seems Bud Hadley believes his "outing" will blow over and he's refusing to leave the company.

Here's a video we did after he was outed. He was pretty good had his lie, as he had a few QP's as friends. He claimed to be a supporter of the Green Beret Foundation yet he only gave $50 over a 2 year span.

The bigger rub was after we busted him, he asked me if he could donate $1500 a quarter to the GBF to keep his lie from being made public.


We got him to write an apology letter and it's included in the video.

I edited and added a letter from the co-owner of WBO. Steve Rich sent a letter to us after all this came to light.

Team Sergeant
03-20-2017, 13:24
There's some real bottom-feeding people in this world, but none lower than parasite that makes money off a reputation earned in blood.

Bud Hadley Special Forces fraud and co-owner of Warlord Beard Oil Company , you are a true bottom-feeding lowlife.

Enjoy your new fame.

Email: warlords@warlordbeardoil.com

3759 Industrial Park Dr Suite A | Mobile, AL 36693

03-20-2017, 14:29
Liked the video

The subject of the video? Not one bit.

03-20-2017, 21:13
What a Piece of bottom feeding Shit....
Bud Hadley "Special Forces fake "Poser"

03-20-2017, 23:26
Isn't there some rule that Navy guys are required to pose as SEALS.....what's with this cross service posing?
Are all the posing rules now out the window!
What's next....Army Blue Angels....Marine PJ's....I'm shocked! Shocked!

03-21-2017, 15:13
I don't even have FB and - all of the sudden - I want to join the FB SF Brotherhood that outed this guy... 'cause it was all just awesome. Great job, guys.

05-19-2017, 13:14
This turd is back at it. Running his Warlord Beard Oil Company.

He told his partner this will all blow over.

Team Sergeant
05-19-2017, 14:30
Owned by a green beret fraud.

Bud Hadley, Special Forces fraud.

Nothing new here.


05-19-2017, 18:24
Skinny jeans and beard oil are synonymous. Not to mention, Bud Hadley is just a cowardly SF want-to-be poser. Not worth our time other than to dime him out.

Shooting terrorists in the face, eh?