View Full Version : Shuster Gas plug M1A/M-14

Brush Okie
02-25-2017, 20:30
What are the advantages and disadvantages? Over time will it come out of adjustment? I know match guys use them for hand loads but not sure if it is worth it for my Springfield M1a. I have some south African surplus ammo that does not cycle the bolt. Just kicking an idea around.

02-26-2017, 02:52
I've heard good things about them.

You can adjust it so that the operating rod doesn't get hammered by using heavier rounds (I know the M1 has that problem).

It can be adjusted so that it has be manually cycled saving brass from stretching as much, letting you reload it more frequently.

I watched Hook Boutin use a punch to put a dent into the gas plug, then drill a hole through it (don't know the size, it was small). Somehow this increased the accuracy by letting gas in on one of the strokes. The AMU put him into their hall of fame as a shooter and gunsmith.

You could use a paint pen to make sure it stays in the same position.

02-27-2017, 10:19
Might try that too. Just bought a Springfield Armory M1A standard a few months ago and had to replace the rear sight and also the extractor. A friend who has one too told me that he reloads and had trouble sometimes with light bullets. Haven't had any problems so far shooting M80 ball.