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02-16-2017, 04:35

Request suggestion re: best first aid kit & instruction pubs to have in my car during a cross country roadtrip. Just want to be more capable of assisting people in need, including myself.

Red Cross has a build your own kit at:


Unfortunately they don't offer a build your own brain...in other words, sometimes ignorance is bliss and less harm can be done by just treating for shock and comforting the vic until the squad arrives.

Your opinions are respectfully welcomed. Thanks.

02-16-2017, 08:27
I checked into this a while back and again recently as the topic was brought up at a recent training event I attended. I found some great info out here and it helped me with my own research. Maybe it could tie into what you're looking for. It's a changing world, so I'm always curious to see what others are doing to take care of themselves and those closest to them in those SHTF moments.

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That last one isn't exactly on par with what you're researching, but it is relevant, so I included it as I found value in it. I know you're familiar with that particular topic, but others may not be so that's why I am also referencing it in this post. When I'm not chasing kids off of my lawn, I'm a cub scout and girl scout leader (and master cat wrangler in youth sports) so I'm always on the go and try my damndest to be ahead of the curve in the scrapes and bruises dept, especially as it relates to children who are under my care (very glad my wife is an EMT, though she's back in school now - she's an invaluable partner to have along on the ride and has encouraged me to take some classes in that topic at the local community college - an investment I recommend to others if they have the time to do it).

Best of luck!

02-16-2017, 12:25
Good gouge, DIY-P. Thanks.