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02-15-2017, 19:28
I have a few packs of this stuff in the form of gauze. They expire this month. my question is if they are still sealed in their vacuum package will they still work a year or so from now, maybe more? Or do I need to purchase new ones?

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02-18-2017, 11:37

tom kelly
02-20-2017, 15:51
The Expiration Dates on most items are superficial. Better to have Quick Clot for use in an emergency situation. If by some chance the bleeding continues move to another procedure....Tom Kelly

tom kelly
11-11-2017, 18:28
I just received a Quick Clot advanced clotting sponge with a use by date of Nov.2020. That is over 3 years in the future,It comes in a sterile air tight package. My feeling is that it would be useful beyond Nov.2020. as long as the package remains intact....Tom Kelly

11-11-2017, 20:08
The expiration date is based on sterility NOT effectiveness.
Several years ago Quik-Clot announced a 5 year expiration date from manufacturer.