View Full Version : Colt making revolvers again

Brush Okie
12-29-2016, 11:51
looks like colt is trying to get back into the civilian market.


While the barrier to entry is certainly high, enterprising companies still get into the revolver business from time to time. Last year it was Kimber with their impressive K6s. This year it’s a more familiar one-time wheelgun maker.

The rampant pony rides again, now stamped to the frame of the resurrected Colt Cobra snubby. This pre-SHOT ad is from Gun World magazine and touts the .38’s trigger and “revised grip structure.” While many said it would never happen, who isn’t glad to see Colt back in the revolver business? And with this, you have to think that a new generation Python can’t be far behind.

12-29-2016, 13:00
Can't wait 'till the new generation Pythons come out. :)