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Team Sergeant
10-20-2016, 11:23
CURTIS L MEATS Special Forces Liar and Fraud (And not a sniper :rolleyes:)

CURTIS L MEATS of Hyrum, Utah.

I just returned from this idiots trial. He stole 28k, was caught and tried. During his "sworn depositions" to boost his image he included his stellar "Special Operations" military career. Too bad it was all false. And even worse, I was asked to come as an "impeachment witness".

Idiot boy said in his sworn deposition he was a former member of the 8th Special Forces Group. I was almost laughing when I told the jury that the 8th SFG(A) was deactivated in 1972 and Mr. Meats was 12 years old at the time. Idiot boy also handed one of the detectives investigating him a business card with his "sniper" creds and sniper credo. (I didn't know there was a sniper credo? I'm a bad sniper I guess.)
His real MOS's, heavy equipment operator, cook and arty.

There were a few other Special Forces/Special Operations related statements all of which were all false.

Needless to say CURTIS L MEATS of Hyrum, Utah, was found guilty of all charges. And now CURTIS L MEATS, you can share space with other Special Forces liars and frauds.

CURTIS L MEATS of Hyrum, Utah, welcome to the Hall of Shame!

10-20-2016, 20:08
Another one bagged

Sadly the season never closes but at least there is no limit.

Thanks for sharing the word on CURTIS L MEATS Special Forces Liar and Fraud

10-21-2016, 10:16
I was on the parade field in front of the post office on Fort Gulick when MG Mabry officiated the deactivation of 8th Special Forces Group (Airborne) and we became 3d Battalion, 7th Special Force Group (Airborne). COL Pinkerton was the SAF commander and took command of the redesignated unit. That was in 1972. I didn't see Curtis L. Meats there; perhaps because he wasn't even a teenager yet.

What a moron! ... and a slimy piece of defecated pig offal.