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10-20-2016, 05:53
Philippines: Duterte Reaches Maritime, Economic Deals In China, Denounces U.S.
October 20, 2016 | 10:21 GMT

China and the Philippines reached 13 cooperation agreements during the third day of President Rodrigo Duterte’s visit to Beijing on Oct. 20, including an agreement to set up a joint coastal guard committee on maritime cooperation, Straits Times reported. Other pacts cover cooperation in areas such as tourism, transport, infrastructure, agriculture, tourism, financing, and counter-narcotics. Duterte said before his trip that he would downplay tensions of Chinese expansion in disputed areas of the South China Sea. Later, during a trade and investment forum, Duterte declared his country's separation from the United States in military and economic matters, according to Rappler.

(SOURCE: Stratfor Global Intelligence)

Old Dog New Trick
10-20-2016, 07:31
We have been loosing influence in the region to China for years. Under this administration the speed got kicked up to autobahn levels.

I could potentially see the US with limited global reach and the resources to maintain a foothold anywhere under the coming administration or extension of the last. Our foreign policy objectives and remaining status as world superpower has been subjugated in favor of creating the worlds largest refugee movement in history.

Under Obama, Madam Secretary Clinton and the replacement idiot Kerry we have lost any respect and honor men previously died for to gain.

10-20-2016, 14:11
The next time the Philippines needs to be liberated from an invading foreign army, don't call U.S.