View Full Version : ODA 086 - 0326

10-10-2016, 20:39

As our new BN building and team room are being built the team is thinking of ways to make it our own. One subject keeps being brought up and that's history (or lack of, in the current team room) ... Im looking for any photos of 086, images of team patches, or logos we can display.

...Or if you have anything that shouldn't be displayed and just kept behind the bar that would be pretty cool too...


01-29-2017, 08:58
I used to be on 0324, and I know that there's an old photo album somewhere in the "upstairs" area with some old photos (BDU-era) labeled as 086. I think 084 and 086 used to train together back in those days, and maybe wanted to keep the memories. It might be worth asking some of the guys that are there now if they wouldn't mind helping you look through it.