View Full Version : Model 94 150th Commemorative

09-03-2016, 21:34
My father in law is looking for one of these rifles. :rolleyes: I figured I'd help.


Haven't had any luck online. Does anyone have an idea?

09-04-2016, 04:38
Good morning, Graffiti.

If you or your FIL have not, check Cabela's "Gun Library" listings, which should search all stores. Many pages of 94s, several 'commemorative' models, various cals in addition to .30-30.
L.L. Bean also has a few cabinets full of higher-end or uncommon long guns in their main Freeport store; might be worth a call. They are open 24/7, but I'd suggest calling fairly early AM EST, as the overnight staff doesn't know the stock as well and day shift get overrun with tourist hordes by noon this time of year.

Good luck.

09-04-2016, 10:31
Excellent, thanks.

09-04-2016, 12:31
That's a nice looking commemorative, I wonder how many they are going to crank out at that price? I hope he finds one. Their 100th anniversary models from 1966 which are not nearly as fancy can be found in unfired condition for a pretty reasonable price, I prefer the rifles to the carbines. Good Luck!

09-04-2016, 12:38

It's across the pond though.

The Reaper
09-04-2016, 19:37