View Full Version : Question about NVA/ChiCom Grenades?

07-07-2016, 09:14
Going thru some old boxes and found my little chunk of NVA Love that I picked up in May 70.

Do any of the FOG's remember what the model of these grenades were?? Attached are a couple pics of a stash we found with examples. The one I'm interested in is the wood handled one,, in WW II they were called German Potato Mashers..


07-07-2016, 17:53
Been too long for me. We had a CT(Communist Terrorist) come into our dispensary at Nam Pung Dam in Thailand in 1973 with a hole in his leg. One of our medics pulled a silver dollar sized piece of shrapnel out of his leg with Chicm writing on it. He was making a booby trap using an 82mm mortar round. He attached the tripwire to the firing device first. He tried to tie the anchor end down, didn't have enough wire so he pulled on it to get enough to tie it off. And then he came to our dispensary.....

07-07-2016, 19:23
Looks a lot like the one my Dad brought back from Korea.

07-07-2016, 20:57
Not sure of the nomenclature anymore....always called them simply a Chicom grenade.
Pretty crappy grenades at that, uneven and lousy burst radii. The last grenade I'd choose to throw but my favorite for being thrown at me.

07-08-2016, 07:06
Type 67 chicom hand grenade.

07-08-2016, 07:27
Type 67 chicom hand grenade.



07-09-2016, 14:04
You looking to sell?

07-09-2016, 14:08
You looking to sell?

No,, If they were available, I get a dummy to go with my little chunk of love.

07-10-2016, 18:28
Funny thing. The Chinese pride themselves in being the best grenade throwers in the world.