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06-12-2016, 16:45
Our friends at Guardian of Valor . Com and Green Beret Posers Exposed worked in tandem to expose Rudi Gresham.
He liked to claim Retired Green Beret Capt to retire Green Beret Colonel depending on the article. It looks like he was close having got out as a PFC.... that's close isn't it?

Part I of more to follow


Team Sergeant
06-13-2016, 16:07
Rudi Gresham, retired Green Beret Special Forces Fraud.

Rudy Gresham, green beret fraud. Friend of Ross Perot.

Thomas Burch buddy. Charity ripping off folks.

Mitt Romney staff member.

Green beret "Aide" and fraud to General Yarborough


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Team Sergeant
06-13-2016, 16:28
Rudi Gresham, retired Green Beret Special Forces was actually a "Clerk Typist"

This is going to be amusing to watch it all unfold for Rudi Gresham aka Rudy Gresham aka Hans Rudolph Gresham

06-13-2016, 16:57
You mean to tell me that Rudi Gresham, AKA Rudy Gresham, AKA Hans Rudolph Gresham isn't a retired Green Beret Special Forces but is actually a "Clerk Typist?"

Shocked I say, shocked that I now see that Rudi Gresham, AKA Rudy Gresham, AKA Hans Rudolph Gresham isn't a retired Green Beret Special Forces but is actually a fraud.

Team Sergeant
06-13-2016, 17:24
After reading the documents and talking to a few folks Rudi, Rudy, Hans Gresham has been questioned before. I was not personally aware he was being looked at as a Special Forces Fraud, had I been aware I would have run the bottom-feeding piece of shit into the ground.

I was told he just quit the SFA after being a member for decades. He knows he's being exposed as a liar and a fraud.

This is going to leave a ton of egg on many folks and associations/organizations such as the GOP, Mitt Romney, Ross Perot, Medal of Honor Association, the VA, etc etc etc

Rudi Gresham, AKA Rudy Gresham, AKA Hans Rudolph Gresham is a complete fraud. I've also been told this piece of shit is in possession of the first Yarbrough knife.

As word gets out I'm wondering if this bottom-feeder will head to South America, cause he's just pissed off the wrong folks.

Team Sergeant
06-13-2016, 18:46
Shadow Warriors: Inside The Special Forces By Tom Clancy pg 532

Rudi Gresham is mentioned as a "major contributor".

Too bad Rudi Gresham is a "major Special Forces Fraud".......

Team Sergeant
06-13-2016, 18:48
Rudi Gresham, Green Beret Special Forces Liar and Fraud

Is the FBI getting involved with you? If so you might want to read what happened to Bill Hillar, he was a "green beret" just like you. And he went to prison for it. :munchin

Team Sergeant
06-14-2016, 07:00
Rudi Gresham of Washington DC is a liar and a fraud.

Charles Broadwell
Dec 26, 1999

I am greeted at the front door by Rudi Gresham, who introduces himself as the general’s aide. He and the general and I head over to the Country Club of North Carolina in Pinehurst for lunch. This is a get-acquainted kind of session, which we will later jokingly refer to as the ‘‘pre-briefing’’ before the interview.

Rudi Gresham is a former Green Beret captain who considers the general like a second father. He is visiting to make sure the general is OK with this discussion -- any hidden hooks or angles? -- and to see that he doesn’t gloss over anything important, out of modesty.

Gen. Yarborough is relaxed and cordial, a veteran of much tougher tests than our talk today. A couple of times during lunch, while Mr. Gresham discusses Gen. Yarborough’s accomplishments with the Special Forces, the general and I exchange a wink: Rudi is clearly speaking out of pride for his mentor and can’t help himself. Finally, in mock exasperation, the general tells Rudi that he’s going to have him court-martialed if he doesn’t shut up and stop bragging.


06-26-2016, 10:20
I believe Rudi the fraud has deleted his Facebook account in its entirety and for the most part, he linkedin also.

He still has his linkedin account yet the claim of Special Forces officer no longer appears.

I believe that's an admission from him that he has been confirmed a turd.

Team Sergeant
07-18-2016, 14:04
Go read this first, it's very amusing........


Rudi Gresham aka Hans Rudolph Gresham is a Special Forces fraud plain and simple. Once his real name was obtained and linked to his SSN together his real military records were obtained. (We'd very much like to see the records that were submitted to the SFA for membership.)

Rudi Gresham aka Hans Rudolph Gresham was in fact a Private First Class and a clerk typist, a far cry from a Special Forces Green Beret.

Once Rudi Gresham aka Hans Rudolph Gresham found out that real Green Beret's had his real military records one of his first acts was to resign his life membership in the Special Forces Association. That in itself begs the question, "Why?"

I'll tell you why, he either resigned or he was going to be removed in an official vote. This is not the first time the SFA has had frauds in their ranks, some of the scam artists are good, real good if you were a former clerk typist.......

Rudi Gresham aka Hans Rudolph Gresham only need to show us his DD-214 and his Form 2 and 2-1 showing where he went through the Special Forces Qualification Course and where he became an "officer" in the United States military and all of this would come to an end. Be forewarned, we can confirm or deny any "record" Rudi Gresham aka Hans Rudolph Gresham comes up with, Rudi knows this is not our first rodeo.

Sorry Mikey, as you're well aware there are tons of records that follows an individual in the United States military, but it seems Rudi Gresham aka Hans Rudolph Gresham has none of these records, zero, zilch, nada. And many of us have awards framed, school diplomas framed etc. I myself have dozens of Special Forces school diplomas and awards, all with orders and all can be found, today, in the Special Warfare Center archives.

Michael J. Mika , Rudi Gresham aka Hans Rudolph Gresham can end all this with two words, "defamation lawsuit", but Rudi Gresham aka Hans Rudolph Gresham will never do that because he knows that the defense to a defamation lawsuit is the "truth".

Rudi Gresham aka Hans Rudolph Gresham is nothing but a fraud, he knows it and some of us know it.

Case in point: COL Bill Hillar, US Army Special Forces also had many folks that called us fraud hunters "bullies and internet meanies" right up until Bill Hillar was arrested by the FBI. Let me know if we should go down that road Rudi Gresham aka Hans Rudolph Gresham, should we call the FBI to investigate, cause the way I see it not only are you a fraud but a con artist on a level with Frank Abagnale Jr. And I'm betting you have forged quite a few federal documents when lying about your military background.

Rudi Gresham aka Hans Rudolph Gresham, no one is going to save you, you're done. You only have one option left, apologize to someone that gives a shit, cause I sure don't.


P.S. "Worked for the CIA", please tell me you were really going to throw that card........ You might want to first read what happened to Wolfgang Hammersmith first......

07-18-2016, 15:21
I really can't understand folks who support Rudi Gresham aka Hans Rudolph Gresham. Even when shown a real 214 they still stick up for Rudi Gresham aka Hans Rudolph Gresham.

Men of Honor? Maybe when they were young but they've jumped the shark now over Rudi Gresham aka Hans Rudolph Gresham.

Guys like Rudi Gresham aka Hans Rudolph Gresham always seem to find one BTDT guy who will eat their shit.

Team Sergeant
07-18-2016, 17:07
I really can't understand folks who support Rudi Gresham aka Hans Rudolph Gresham. Even when shown a real 214 they still stick up for Rudi Gresham aka Hans Rudolph Gresham.

Men of Honor? Maybe when they were young but they've jumped the shark now over Rudi Gresham aka Hans Rudolph Gresham.

Guys like Rudi Gresham aka Hans Rudolph Gresham always seem to find one BTDT guy who will eat their shit.

Would not be the first time a Special Forces soldier "knowingly" stood up for a complete liar and fraud, in fact there's been quite a few. Luckily for the rest of us it's usually only one or two SF'ers that fall for their scam.

Edit to add: Rudi Gresham has removed all his internet bio's where it mentioned he was a member of Special Forces, and he's quit the Special Forces Association. Hummmm would a real Special Forces soldier do that? Not unless you're a fraud like Rudi Gresham.

Enjoy your new found fame Rudi Gresham, Special Forces Liar and Fraud, now you will live forever.

07-18-2016, 17:18
That support site support form for Rudi Gresham...Hans Rudolph Gresham is simply a bunch of:

I like him

He was once important

A really fine SF soldier (J D) once looked at his personally provided phony records and took his word as a man.....

He gave us money

Never once does he support his claim that he was SF.

Really nice guy to lie to an aging and not so with it anymore General Officer.

Team Sergeant
07-18-2016, 18:24
Rudi Gresham, Green Beret Special Forces Liar and Fraud

Now his FaceBook page is gone. He's following the "Rules for Frauds" playbook page by page.

Too late Rudi Gresham, by now everyone in Special Forces knows you're a liar and a fraud.

As we've always said, it's not if we catch you, it's a matter of when we catch you. And had I known there was a possibility that you were a fraud years ago I would have come for you. You play the professional game of hide and seek very well, but in the end you lost.

Now everyone knows what kind of bottom-feeding scumbag you really are......

07-18-2016, 19:03
I forwarded this info to my friends Marine Corps mail ring that also includes the Corps Commandant....want to get all the exposure we can.

Team Sergeant
07-19-2016, 13:28
Can you spot the fraud in the picture?
Nope not the pretty female, that's South Carolina Gov Nikki Haley taking a photo with a Green Beret Fraud Rudi Gresham.

Team Sergeant
07-19-2016, 13:35
Has anyone informed Mr. Perot about Rudi Gresham's lies and fraud? He really should know, Mr. Perot has been a supporter of Special Forces for decades.

Team Sergeant
07-19-2016, 13:52

Page 30

The more I read about this bottom-feeding scumbag the more I want some face time with him. Rudi Gresham, Pray I never meet you behind closed doors..............

Memorial to the fallen

Rudi Gresham, who served two tours in Vietnam with the 5th Special Forces Group and now serves as a senior advisor to Secretary Principi, was the guest of honor during an Oct. 25 ceremony at Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery. During the ceremony he accepted a memorial on behalf of VA that was later placed near the gravesites of the first Special Forces soldiers killed in Afghanistan and Iraq during operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom.

About 200 veterans and their families, as well as active-duty soldiers from the 3rd, 5th, 7th and 10th Special Forces Groups, attended the ceremony. “I was very honored and privileged to be a part of this moving event,” said Gresham.

Team Sergeant
07-19-2016, 14:20
Rudi Gresham, Green Beret Special Forces Liar and Fraud and bottom feeding scumbag.

To Everyone Reading this, google Rudi Gresham and find every dishonorable article that concerns him and send it to me. (Where its stated he was a green beret or a Special Forces soldier.)


Memorial to the fallen

Rudi Gresham, who served two tours in Vietnam with the 5th Special Forces Group and now serves as a senior advisor to Secretary Principi, was the guest of honor during an Oct. 25 ceremony at Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery. During the ceremony he accepted a memorial on behalf of VA that was later placed near the gravesites of the first Special Forces soldiers killed in Afghanistan and Iraq during operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom.

About 200 veterans and their families, as well as active-duty soldiers from the 3rd, 5th, 7th and 10th Special Forces Groups, attended the ceremony. “I was very honored and privileged to be a part of this moving event,” said Gresham.

Team Sergeant
07-19-2016, 14:38
More scumbag articles.

Suicide Rate Spikes in Vietnam Vets Who Won't Seek Help
May 3, 2013 1:48 PM
Good Morning America

Every Christmas Rudi Gresham, a former combat soldier in Vietnam, gets a Christmas card from a fellow veteran who was nearly pushed to the brink of suicide because of despair.

"The guy was in his late 50s and his wife had left him and he came down with cancer from Agent Orange, he was broke and he had to move in with his mom and dad--he didn't know where to go from there," said Gresham, who was then serving as senior advisor to the Department of Veterans Affairs under the George W. Bush administration.

"Everything had gone to hell," said Gresham. "But I communicated with him."

Now 68 and retired in South Carolina, Gresham was able to get the veteran the 10 years of back pay he deserved by authenticating his service with a commanding officer. Today, the man's cancer is under control and he has a new woman in his life.

Gresham said getting that thank you card for saving the veteran's life was "the most gratifying moment" in his eight-year career with the VA. "I tell my kids, this is the reward for my work."

But three other depressed friends were not so lucky and took their own lives, becoming statistics in a rising tide of suicides among baby boomers, many of them Vietnam War veterans.

Just this week the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released its latest statistics on suicide rates among Americans, finding that the number of middle-aged Americans who took their own lives was up more than 28 percent.

Annual suicide rates among U.S. adults aged 35 to 64 increased from 13.7 to 17.6 suicides per 100,000 people between 1999 and 2010.

The greatest increases in suicide rates were among people aged 50 to 54 years (48 percent) and 55 to 59 years (49 percent).

For the whole population, the national rate was 12.4 per 100,000 in that decade, according to the CDC. The most common mechanisms were suffocation or hanging, poisoning and firearms. Increases were seen among both men and women.

The CDC cites the recent economic downturn, a "cohort effect" among baby boomers who had unusually high suicide rates during their adolescent years, and a rise in intentional overdoses because of increased availability of prescription opiods.

But suicide rates among Vietnam veterans are the highest of any particular group, according to John Draper, project director of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

Eight million Americans report suicidal thoughts, and 1.1 million will attempt suicide. An estimated 38,000 will succeed in killing themselves, according to the CDC. Most are male, by a four to one margin, and are single and lack a college education.

The suicide rate jumped higher for women (32 percent) than for men (27 percent).

"Men tend to be more lonely and have a harder time maintaining and replacing relationships than women, especially when they get into middle age," said Draper. "Men are busy working or tie their relationships to work and when they lose their job, they lose their relationships."

Those who are less stable in their personal lives are also less stable in the workforce, he said.

"I don't have all the answers," said Draper. "But we know about suicide prevention and people who are more socially connected and have a sense of belief and self-worth and are valued at work and in their relationships are way more protected and generally happier people."

Post-traumatic stress disorder and associated mental health problems are to blame for many of the suicides among war veterans, according to Draper.

"The most important thing to remember is we can do something to stop this," said Draper, who, like Gresham, said that communication and support from others can help to prevent suicide.

Since 2001, more than two million service members have been deployed to wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The cost for treating veterans of all eras and conflicts is estimated at $48 billion, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

PTSD was not even recognized until after the Vietnam War, according to Gresham, who recognized at the onset of his government career in 2000 the importance of increasing the VA budget after predicting the staggering number of cases that were to follow. "I knew mental problems would exceed the physical," he said.

"I feel sorry for the younger soldiers," he said. "They are now married, got a wife and kids and suddenly come back and they can't find a job. These things all compound."

As for the Vietnam veterans, they found less support in the 1960s and 1970s, when they returned from combat service. "The older veterans don't trust the government and they don't go for help," said Gresham.

Unlike World War II soldiers who were hailed as heroes, these servicemen returned to "feel a bit outcast and rejected," according to Gresham, who sits on the Vietnam Veterans Foundation.

Many of that generation refused to acknowledge they had PTSD and are suffering the consequences later in life. "Believe me, we have a real problem," he said.

"These guys were the first generation not to trust the guys in the white coats, and they didn't trust the government," said Gresham. "A lot of the Viet vets with PTSD held it in.

"They didn't want to let their family know their dark secret. They wanted to be in the workforce and be productive like the generation of World War II, but they were not respected by society."

The VA in the 1970s was not responsive to the needs of these veterans, he said. "I've seen what has happened to a lot of these older vets."

At a town meeting in Los Angeles several years ago, Gresham said he told a group of Vietnam vets. "You know Hollywood was correct when they did the movie the 'Fourth of July' with Tom Cruise. The VA did a lousy job of taking care of vets."

But today, according to Gresham, "The VA has made "tremendous efforts to spend lots of money on [PTSD]," he said.

In 2007, the VA partnered with the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) to create a dedicated line manned by veterans on the National Suicide Lifeline.

The so-called Veterans Crisis Line has fielded more than 250,000 calls a year from veterans and active members of the military, according to Lifeline director Draper.

"It's a brilliant idea and it's saved taxpayers money and saved lives," he said.

Draper said it is too early to see the impact of this collaboration but predicts that CDC suicide numbers will eventually drop, at least among veterans.

Gresham, who was involved in the creation of the hotline, is also hopeful. "It's so much better for veterans to get help from other veterans," he said. "There is a strong bond."

"If you have suicide thoughts and there's another veteran on the line, you trust your brother, whether it's a man or a woman," he said. "If they have been in combat, there is someone who understands you."

"They didn't trust the VA for a long time and now the VA has its arms open," said Gresham. "They do very good work now. They understand the problem."

If you or a loved one are in emotional distress, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255). We are here to help 24/7. You are not alone. Help is available. Veterans should press option 1.


Team Sergeant
07-19-2016, 14:46
Jeb 2016, Inc.
(page revised May 24, 2016)
announced June 15, 2015.
see also: pre-campaign organization | pro-Bush super PAC.
>On Oct. 23, 2015, the campaign announced via Bloomberg Politics a significant refocusing including salary reductions, a downsizing of headquarters staff, with some put on ballot access and "a special focus on increasing our New Hampshire operation." >

>On Dec. 30, 2015, the Des Moines Register's Jennifer Jacobs reported the campaign is canceling ad buys in IA and SC and shifting resources to its field organization. Jacobs reported, "In January, they'll deploy 60 staffers from the Miami headquarters to the early states, including about 10 to Iowa." Further, for New Hampshire "about 20 more campaign staffers will be deployed there, beefing up the team to about 40." >

Co-Chairmen: Corporal Kyle Carpenter, U.S. Marine Corps (ret.) of Lexington, Medal of Honor recipient; Maj. Gen Charles Baldwin, U.S. Air Force (ret.); former Chief of Chaplains for the U.S. Air Force, Johns Island; Major General Darwin Simpson, S.C. Army National Guard, Spartanburg; Tom Hanton, Lt. Colonel, U.S. Air Force (ret.); President, NAM POWs – Mt. Pleasant; Myron Harrington, Colonel, U.S. Marines (ret.); Navy Cross recipient; Board of Visitors, The Citadel – Charleston; Gerard “Jerry” Devlin, Major, U.S. Army (ret.); Distinguished Service Cross, 5 Bronze Stars recipient; Author of the book Paratrooper – Bluffton; Rudi Gresham, Special Forces (ret.); former Senior Advisor to the Secretary of the Veterans Administration – Mt. Pleasant


Team Sergeant
07-19-2016, 14:48
LOL, a fraud on a few pres nominees staffs......and the secret service had no idea he was a complete fraud. Makes you wonder how many frauds are currently in leadership positions in this country.

Rubio Campaign Announces Veterans For Marco National Leadership Team Including Rep. John Kline of Minnesota

Honorary Co-Chairs
Lieutenant General James Abrahamson, U.S. Air Force (Ret.)
General B. B. Bell, U.S. Army (Ret.)
The Honorable Rudi Gresham, Former Senior Advisor to the Secretary of Veterans Affairs The Honorable Thomas F. Hall, Former Assistant Secretary of Defense
Rear Admiral Don Loren, U.S. Navy (Ret.)
Captain Sean Parnell, U.S. Army (Ret.)
Sergeant Mario Rubio, U.S. Army
Brigadier General William O. Welch, U.S. Air Force (Ret.)


Team Sergeant
07-19-2016, 14:57
Rudi Gresham, I think you've won the contest on who's the lowest scumbag on this planet.

MUHAMMAD ALI: The day the champ came to Orange City and DeLand

In 1993, Muhammad Ali popped in on a pair of schools in West Volusia.

By Ken Willisken.willis@news-jrnl.com

ORANGE CITY — By many accounts, he was the most famous man of the 20th Century.

So you can imagine the fuss Muhammad Ali created when he came to tiny Orange City in September 1993, and dropped in — with very short notice — on a local elementary and middle school.

Yes, Muhammad Ali came to Orange City. A lot of people can't believe that, but he did,” says Rudi Gresham, a longtime local resident who had Ali at his home, off Blue Springs Road, and facilitated the somewhat spontaneous visits to Orange City Elementary and DeLand Middle schools.

“We were sitting here talking and he says to me, 'Rudi, you're always talking about your children, let's go visit them,' ” Gresham said Saturday morning, the day after Ali died at age 74 in Arizona.

Gresham called both schools, where his kids were students (Brent at the elementary school, Lili and Jeff at the middle school), and a couple of hours later rode with Ali in the boxing legend's limousine for a visit that had quickly lost its spontaneity.

“The TV stations were there, reporters ... it was crazy,” says Gresham.

By 1993, Parkinson's syndrome had dramatically slowed the former heavyweight champ, but his mere presence worked its old magic, particularly on the grownups on hand.

“The adults were more excited than we were,” Jeff Gresham, now 33, said by phone Saturday from St. Louis. “At my age at the time, I didn't know much about Ali. But it was neat to see the parents and teachers and how excited they were to see him. The older I got, the more I came to appreciate what had happened that day.”

Rudi Gresham's longtime friendship with Ali was cemented at the 1988 Republican Convention in New Orleans. Gresham, a former Green Beret captain and former senior adviser to the secretary of Veterans Affairs, facilitated a get-together between Ali and outgoing President Ronald Reagan, whom Ali had endorsed in Reagan's 1984 re-election campaign.


Team Sergeant
07-19-2016, 15:06
Iran helps Libya
Iranian missile technicians have begun installing equipment in Libya to help the government of Moammar Gadhafi produce more advanced Scud missiles, according to U.S. intelligence officials.
A U.S. intelligence report from Oct. 30 said the Iranians were spotted working on a factory that is part of Libya's Al Fatah missile program. The Iranian assistance was provided by the Shahid Hemmet Industrial Group, a major component of Iran's government-run ballistic missile program.

The Iranian-Libyan cooperation is the latest sign Libya is moving ahead with upgrading its missiles, and that Iran is becoming a missile supplier, not just an importer.

The State Department last year protested China's sale of missile technology to Libya. The transfers were first reported in The Washington Times.

A Pentagon report on arms proliferation issued last month said Libya is "improving" its missiles since the suspension of U.N. economic sanctions in April 1999. The report said Tripoli has obtained missile goods from Serbia and India, and wants to acquire or build North Korea's 620-mile-range Nodong missile.

"Should Libya succeed with its effort to purchase or perhaps develop such a missile, the missile could threaten Egypt, Israel, NATO countries in southern Europe and U.S. forces in the Mediterranean region," the report said.

Bush's heroes
One of President Bush's best weapons to garner veterans' votes was the backing of recipients of the Medal of Honor, the nation's highest military award.

While the media focused on the retired generals and admirals who publicly supported Mr. Bush, 76 of the 150 living Medal of Honor winners endorsed his candidacy and more than 30 made public appearances on his behalf, including in the crucial primary state of South Carolina.

"They turned the tide there," says retired Marine Corps Gen. Ray Davis, one of the Medal of Honor recipients who invaded South Carolina. "They and the other veterans."

Rudi Gresham, a former Army Green Beret, was vice chairman of the Bush veterans outreach and coordinated the appearances of the war heroes across the country.

"It was an honor and a privilege to be with those guys," Mr. Gresham said. "You should have seen the Americans who came up to salute them."

He added, "This was the highest number of Medal of Honor recipients who ever participated in a presidential campaign, and most all of them felt they could not continue closing their eyes to what was happening to this country."

Mr. Gresham said he accompanied some of the heroes to Florida election boards when they opened overseas military ballots and heard challenges from Democratic attorneys. "We insisted that the military votes be counted," he said.

Gen. Davis, the nation's most decorated living four-star general, earned his medal during the Korean War's battle of Chosin Reservoir 50 years ago.
Then a lieutenant colonel, he led an 800-Marine battalion through enemy Chinese lines, then broke their hold on a mountain pass, saving the lives of thousands of civilians and U.S. troops. All was accomplished in bitter weather with a minus-50 wind chill factor while outnumbered 10-1.

"I heard not one complaint or beef out of these Marines because they were going to rescue other Marines," says Gen. Davis, who retired in 1972 after 34 years of service.


Team Sergeant
07-19-2016, 15:10
Great American'
Military, friends honor Moore
By Melanie George, New Era staff writer Mar 3, 2008

Members of the Green Berets sat shoulder to shoulder in pews Saturday afternoon at a memorial service for their beloved Robin Moore.

More than 100 Special Forces members attended the service at Grace Episcopal Church in downtown Hopkinsville.

“He was a great person, author and American,” said Don Murphy, 71, of Hopkinsville.

“Robin moved down here to be closer to the unit he served with in Vietnam,” said Frank Wisniewski, president of the Chapter 38 Special Forces Association for retired Green Berets. “He was a bridge from the old to the young.”

Moore, 82, died Feb. 21 at Jennie Stuart Medical Center following a long illness.

“He did things in his lifetime that other people only dream of,” said retired Sgt. Maj. Albert Morace.

Moore, a New York Times best-selling author, wrote 80 books. His most notable work was “The Green Berets,” published in 1965.

Six Green Berets from the 5th Special Forces Group were his pallbearers.

“Today was a wonderful day to have my husband honored the way he was by Special Forces, his friends and his family,” said Helen Moore.

“He loved largely,” said the Rev. Bill Watson, rector of Grace Episcopal Church. “And his final battle would have made any soldier proud.”

After giving the first scripture reading, Morace tapped his cane in memory of Moore and said, “This is from the brotherhood.”

The eulogy by retired Maj. Rudi Gresham recalled Moore’s adventures with the Green Berets.


Team Sergeant
07-19-2016, 15:13
Ross Perot delivers Veterans Day message in Walterboro

Schuyler Kropf
Nov 11 2013 4:13 pm

ALTERBORO — The deep-rooted Texas twang is still there, even if the voice is not as strong as it used to be.

H. Ross Perot, the billionaire one-time presidential candidate and friend to servicemen and women everywhere, visited a veterans nursing home Monday to deliver a thank-you to all those who have worn the uniform.

“Your services and sacrifices have given us the freedom that we have today,” Perot said during a 15-minute address.

“You understand something that most people simply don’t understand, and that is: Freedom is not free.”

Perot, 83, delivered the keynote address at the Veterans Victory House where more than 400 people gathered in the site’s lunchroom-turned-auditorium. Many were elderly and in wheelchairs. Some served as far back as World War II, including several Tuskegee Airmen and at least one local survivor of the 1941 Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

Perot made a rare trip to South Carolina after being invited to speak by Rudi Gresham, a retired Green Beret and former presidential adviser. He has known Perot for 35 years. Gresham is a Walterboro area resident.


07-19-2016, 23:04
The more I read about these posers, who are legion, who have ingratiated themselves to these institutions of power (media, government etc), who are never vetted by these institutions, the more I doubt ANYONE paraded in front of a camera by these institutions. Everyone they put forward as an expert is suspect. So, you can't believe anything you read or hear from the media or government.

Rudi Gresham, Green Beret Special Forces Liar and Fraud, you are a disgrace.

Team Sergeant
07-20-2016, 07:20
Rudi Gresham, Green Beret Liar and Fraud

07-20-2016, 12:20
Rudi Gresham, Green Beret Liar and Fraud

I note he has his gold master blaster wings on his lapel....go large.

07-20-2016, 13:14
Maybe the folks that could formally "out" these folks feel the same way as old folks that fall victim to con-men...

People are afraid of looking stupid for falling for a scam. It's easier to silently break ties or ignore the fraud than it is to "go public" and declare to everyone that you have been suckered.

...maybe that is why it is so hard to get an organization to publicly boot someone into the street.


08-02-2016, 09:27
Hi guys I've been quiet in here on this issue as i've been working with green beret posers on FB , from the beginning. Thanks to TM Sergeant for all his work here on busting this POS Rudi Gresham. I was the one that put the ball in motion and got some help finding a correct SSN and getting a FOIA request on this shit bird.
I met Rudi when the president of my SFA chapter Mike Micha brought him in to bring Ross perot in to help support our annual SFA convention in columbia SC 2014.
I was the MC of the signature event the formal banquet dinner .i Introduced Rudi as a retired SF Officer and allowed him to introduce and speak about Ross perot.
Anyway after several incidents involving Rudi after this i was skeptical this guy was what he said. I brought it up on SF brothers and the naysayers came pouring out mostly Tom marzullo about tailwind. Well i figured Tom was just grinding up an old wound . When the FOIA revealed the truth i was surprised but it then all seemed to make sense. He got his Va appointment because of his political work for Bush. This was also where his false history of being an SF Officer perpetuated.
It seems he was vetted by Canon in the 90s to the SFA but is was from more lack of verification than real vetting. A false DD214 was presented along with letters from general officers supporting him. Non of these documents were kept by the SFA . Beaver Mcann the pres of SFA tried to verify him later as well but had the wrong SSN. so nothing came back .Nobody thought to question any of this or dig any deeper. After all Wasn't Rudi getting money to SF projects. Not his money mind you other peoples' money. Anyway i brought all this up with Mike Micha my SFA chapter president. But instead of denouncing Rudi Has chosen to support him by saying there is more to it and Rudi is some kind of CIA operative and secret SF agent. Some real tin foil head shit about SF guys killing Martin Luther king based on a conspiracy book. You can read his letter of support on the site he started for Rudi. I have since resign from Chapter 34 as i cannot support it when its leadership supports a SF poser stealing the valor of my brothers. IMO Mike Micha should be held accountable for helping Rudi Gresham to continue his fraud and supporting it. For what i have no idea but i'm gonna find out.

08-02-2016, 10:37

08-02-2016, 10:39



08-02-2016, 10:41

Team Sergeant
08-02-2016, 10:49
PS.com didn't bust him, just assisted in getting Rudi Gresham, Green Beret liar and fraud all the attention he deserves.

Had PS.com been aware he was a suspected fraud we would have joined the search for the truth, but as we can now see there's plenty of real SF soldiers that have drank from Rudi Gresham's Kool-Aid cup.

Rudi Gresham, Green Beret Special Forces Liar and Fraud

Mike Micha should be removed from the Special Forces Association for knowingly defending a Special Forces Fraud.

Team Sergeant
08-14-2016, 20:26
Rudi Gresham, Green Beret Special Forces Liar and Fraud

We know you're a liar and a fraud. Some say you're going to sue, please bring it, I'm ready.

Again, Rudi Gresham is a Green Beret Special Forces Liar and Fraud.

Sue me, you bottom feeding coward.

10-31-2016, 15:17
Just FYI the weasel and coward continues his fraud. He recently posted this on *******.


In that video, CNN identifies Rudi as "Spokesman, SF Association" (which he'd lied himself into) and "Spokesman, SOG" (I don't believe he was ever an SOA member) and a captain ("He was a Green Beret captain himself"), and wears a shirt with the SF crest. In other words, his standard phony bullshit. He comes in at about 03:58 and at about 05:30 it all becomes "me, me, me" and how close he is to Admiral Moorer --standard Rudi name dropping.
"Colonel McCarley was with us in Albuquerque... his Special Forces brothers."

Rudi, you phony asshole, you're nobody's brother.

Naturally, that Blue Falcon Mike Mika continues to back this poser against actual SF guys.

By the way, the other bum in the video, Van Buskirk (since expired) -- CNN doesn't mention that he's an ex-con who did time in Germany for trafficking stolen guns -- even though that's in his book, the cover of which CNN shows (I think it sold about five copies, and CNN and I each have one). For as much as VB was a bum, he was a legitimate, SF, SOG, combat veteran bum, which is something Rudi can't say.

Rudi is, frankly, a bigger liar than CNN. No wonder they found him so congenial.

Update -- Rudi has also put up this video, which I haven't watched. Looks like the actor who dreamed of playing a green beret (wait, that's a hat?) is dumping his highlights reel to *******.


Rudi, do you know what an actual SF guy would do in your situation? Of course you don't. Not just because you're not an actual SF guy, but also because no actual SF guy has ever gotten into your situation -- not even poor, dope-addled Bob van Buskirk.

10-31-2016, 15:53
Hog, you're blocking....what's the word on the street? "How's this paying downtown"?