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06-03-2016, 19:37
.22 cal target rifle with Redfield adjustable rear sight and Redfield Globe front sight.

I started getting my retirement checks in Jan. I have no debts to speak of so I decided to treat myself to another rifle. Just got this in today’s mail. 50 years ago when I was a kid I had an older neighbor who belonged to the local gun club and he would take me shooting once a month. This was back when a box of .22’s was only .35 cents. He had a Remington Target rifle similar to this one. that he had purchased from the Rock Island Arsenal at some point in his life for $15.00. It had Redfield sights and was it ever accurate, I remember shooting the clothespins that held the targets on a string, of course that was a disruptive thing to do and that practice was quickly brought to a halt. This one was manufactured in 1966 and is in excellent condition. Now if I only had the eyes of a ten year old kid.

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06-03-2016, 21:08
Beautiful rifle. And that eye thing, yeah, age is a birch...

06-04-2016, 05:15
I have one of the old DCM models parkerized metal and oiled stock. I've been thinking about a globe up front in place of the blade. Yours has a grooved receiver, thus a scope is an option, but if you get used to the peep sights cleaning a 50yd smallbore target is very doable, and with the right ammo 100 yd is fun. Enjoy your new rifle.

06-04-2016, 14:21
Congratulations! Fun times ahead. I remember my JROTC unit had some of those (and a few Win 52's).

Yeah, warranty's off on the eyes here too. The tryin' is fun.
A nice .22 should bring out the kid in everyone.
Now go setup those clothes pins...