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Maple Flag
06-01-2016, 18:36
I'm unloading Multicam HSGI items from my personal inventory as I'm keeping to RG and CB solid colours only for my kit.

As a result I have some Multicam HSGI items in like new condition:

HSGI Multicam Rigger's belt (size large - "Size 02") with Cobra buckle and interior loop.
$50 US

HSGI Multicam Pogey pouch (Belt mount version)
$20 US

HSGI Multicam Modular Pistol Mag Quad pouch (Molle mount)
$25 US

HSGI Multicam Soft Taco (x2 units) (Molle mount)
$20 US each

HSGI Multicam M3T Multi-Mission Medical Taco (Molle mount)
$50 US

HSGI Multicam Mini EOD Pouch (Molle mount)
$30 US

Total would add up to $215 US, but I'll drop that to $190 US for anyone who wants the whole lot.

In most cases can provide either MALICE clips or HSGI molle clips with your pouch. Let me know what you prefer, and I'll confirm if I have enough of the type you request. (Pouches will definitely come with one or the other type of clip included.)

Shipping is extra. We can work out the details.

Maple Flag
06-01-2016, 18:38
Pic added: