View Full Version : WTS: Used AMSTEEL BLUE 95'-100' x 3/8" Synthetic Winch Line - 17,600lbs

05-17-2016, 19:11
All proceeds will be donated to the Green Beret Foundation (http://www.greenberetfoundation.org/)

I've had this synthetic line on my winch for a little over a year now. It's in completely serviceable condition. Been used approximately 10-15 times, no significant frays. It's never been run over or around anything. Always re-spooled evenly. Generally, well taken care of. There's a general photo and then one showing the portion with the most fading where it was most often exposed on the drum.

Thickness/Load Capacity: 3/8" - 17,600lbs
Length: 95'-100' (I think it's 100' but I just measured it at 97')

Selling because I'm buying a shorter line.

Retails for around $327 new.

Asking $100 + shipping from NC 28356 (or local meet)

05-24-2016, 21:53
Sold and $100 donated to the Green Beret Foundation.