View Full Version : The Aussie weapon hoist

05-15-2016, 21:52

Looks pretty ingenious for open battle space, aerial support, etc. Maybe Jesse Ventura predator minigun will finally be a reality! I imagine the 18E-18B duo can improvise one with antenna and some wiring :D

05-15-2016, 22:40
That might help those new women in combat arms;)

05-15-2016, 23:41
That might help those new women in combat arms;)

Dass sexiss.

....I can see it coming though. Who needs barrel-chested freedom fighter when with a few contraptions here and there a 5'2" 110 lbs gorgeous lady can shoot a Barrett off hand. Plus, she serves as WMD, weapon of mass distraction!

05-16-2016, 02:27
That abortion publicly hit the infantry community way down here a week or so ago.

I'm ALL about experimenting and "failing fast".

But that thing is a case study of a bad solution in search of a non existent problem.

05-16-2016, 05:08
Trying to place this is an operation..

1) CQB sweep INSIDE houses, villages, or buildings?? NO
2) Jump with it?? No
3) Ride or transit in M-ATV?? No
4) Parades?? Maybe
5) Open country ruck march?? Maybe
6) Bn PT march?? Yes, but need yellow PT belt
7) Pony Keg run at team house?? YES , WIN WIN WIN

05-16-2016, 06:00
That might help those new women in combat arms;)

Added weight - looks like a good idea for heavy weapons but you still have to carry the extra weight to where you'll be shooting.

Don't see it as a plus in vegetated areas.

05-16-2016, 08:17
And, You can have two privates connect their cords so the Sergeant Major can hang his laundry to dry!!

05-16-2016, 08:23
Ever know someone that was described as, "He would lose his head if it wasn't attached!"???

Now those in need of the most help can have some redundancy. :D

05-17-2016, 06:44
I bet the medics with DDS aspirations love this concept.