View Full Version : CRK 21st Anniversary Knife #15 (of 21), the knife that won blade show 2005

Team Sergeant
04-27-2016, 16:42
CRK 21st Anniversary Knife #15 (of 21) - Large Classic Sebenza with Gary House Zebra Damascus Blade, Star Garnet and Diamond Inlays, & a Braided Leather Lanyard w/ Buffalo Horn Bead.

I have the knife that won the blade show in 2005. Some guy sold #14 (of 21) and was asking $7500.

I wonder what the knife that won the show is worth? :D

(Chris and Ann sold it to me right after the show.)

The guy that just purchased #14 of 21


04-27-2016, 19:36
Wow TS, that is a beautiful piece of highly functional art! I'd say you're holding on to a gold mine of an investment. Although I own a whole slew of folders, none of them safe queens, I keep coming back to my Large Sebe 21.......... It's just a perfect EDC for me. Simple, highly utilitarian, super stout, dependable, and easy to maintain. But to own one like yours too would be icing on the cake.
Needless to say I'm envious. Thanks for sharing.

Bill Harsey
04-28-2016, 02:17
Team Sergeant,
You have a good knife.

The problem with selling something is ya don't have it anymore.