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04-16-2016, 17:14
B. Ashton Naylor was one of my Company Commanders in B/1/7th SFG(A). He started forging after he retired. I recently picked up one of his newer designs. It has a good weight and balances nice. I love the crossed arrows! Next in line is one of his tomahawks. Check him out at http://www.naylorforge.com/

Also in the photo is my Glock 36.


04-16-2016, 18:00
He actually offered free classes to anyone in SWC while he was the Training Group Commander. Ran several classes. I didn't take one, but had a WO in the office that did and said it was good stuff.

Bill Harsey
04-17-2016, 09:16
Ashton Naylor is a good man and good knifemaker.

The Reaper
04-17-2016, 22:58
Ashton Naylor is a good man and good knifemaker.

He sure is.

He was doing this for several years before he retired, at least as far back as when he was the 3rd Group DCO. He makes some damn fine Damascus, too.

Charlie Ochs was his mentor, IIRC.