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Brush Okie
03-15-2016, 10:27
A few weeks ago was my six's birthday. I got her some jewelry and we went to a little resort town etc. We wound up a Cabelas and she bought herself a Sig P220 10mm. She got the SAO camo version. I attached a photo below of one just like hers.

We have went through about 200 rounds so far mostly sig 180 grain ammo. Zero failures. Very accurate. I really like the sights. This version has an adjustable rear sight all black with a fiber optic/tritium front sight that really draws your eye to the front sight.

Being single action it has an ambidextrous safety that works the same as a 1911 ie up is safe down is fire. What is really nice is you can keep the safety on and still rack the slide etc.

The trigger is nice. The only thing I can really see an improvement on is there is a lot of take up in the single action trigger. It is nice and smooth and a good trigger but the take up is a little getting used to.

The all stainless steel is a little heavy but tames the recoil of the 10mm nice.

Over all a nice firearm and now I want one of my own. If you are in the market for a 10mm take a look at the Sig.

03-15-2016, 13:14
Nice firearm, indeed!

Out of curiosity, is there a specific reason she wanted 10mm or did she just happen to like that pistol in particular?

Brush Okie
03-15-2016, 14:21
Both. She liked the feel of the sig She also wanted something that would stop a dirt bag but also for woods use against bears etc. She also prefers the feel of an auto over a revolver so this is what she got.

03-15-2016, 14:30
I just read the specs,, Nothing about the Short Reset Trigger(SRT)..

You might want to look at getting one. It halves the reset distance. My P220 45 has it and my P229 didn't.. for about 3 days.. You can find the kit for under 50USD. Takes 10 minutes to install.


The SRT is a bit of a misnomer. The trigger does not change, just the sear and safety lever. On the P220 they also change the de-cock lever, but you don't have one on a SAO.

03-15-2016, 15:07
She got the SAO camo version.

Must have a helluva buttery smooth trigger.

What is really nice is you can keep the safety on and still rack the slide etc.

Well I'll be.

Brush Okie
01-02-2017, 18:17
Thought I would do an update on this.

Not sure of the round count so far but close to 1000, zero failures.

On small problem did pop up. The rear sight came loose and moved around, I fixed it with some loctite no problems since.

The six today was putting all rounds into a group less than the size of a fist at 15 yards or so. Mind you she is waiting knee surgery and a little unsteady due to pain. Add it was on the high 20's where we were shooting and uneven footing. I know the pistol will do better than the two of us can shoot it.

02-15-2017, 19:55
Can it take some of the Buffalo Bore rounds?

Brush Okie
02-15-2017, 21:20
Can it take some of the Buffalo Bore rounds?

Have not tried them but I am sure it will. The chamber seems well supported. The Sig 10mm ammo kicks out 180gr bullets at 1200fps. I figure that will do anything we need it to do. It is well put together stainless steel frame and slide vs alum frame on regular P220. It also has a 5 in barrel.

The Reaper
02-16-2017, 08:35
The original Norma ammo was HOT and did not play well with the unsupported chamber of the Bren Ten.

Hottest I have fired was the Cor-Bon 135s that averaged 1586 fps.