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Gold Eagle
02-12-2016, 08:05
Tried search here on PS.com and came up empty.

I just ran across these today and wanted an opinion from any Pistolaeros here.

Are these sights good, seem OK, or too much paint/tritium?
Anyone with experience with these also very welcome.


02-12-2016, 09:48
No experience with these, but as a fellow that needs glasses...

If I were to get them, I'd go with the mixed color set.

The MEPRO R4E sights are offered in (4) configurations:

Green Front, Green Rear sights
Green Front, Orange Rear sights
Orange Front, Green Rear sights
Orange Front, Orange Rear sights

My fear is that a single color set could easily get blurred (c attached) in a hi-stress scenario. :munchin

The Reaper
02-12-2016, 10:20
Colors other than green will fade very quickly and no longer be visible.


02-12-2016, 10:31
Colors other than green will fade very quickly and no longer be visible.

I wasn't aware of this. You just saved me money and aggravation. Thanks.

02-12-2016, 15:00

02-12-2016, 17:38
Saw them at SHOT. Wasn't impressed enough to consider spending personal money to acquire a set.

Gold Eagle
02-13-2016, 11:30
Color fade not good. I was hoping orange would work as a F/S. Maybe someday they'll work it out?

02-19-2016, 16:18
Orange appears to expire in a more accelerated manner than green/yellow, as The Reaper brought up. Trijicon warranties their green/yellow sights for 12 years, while orange is only covered for 5 years.