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01-30-2016, 08:52

Dig thru that pile of Glocks in you foot locker.

You may have the makings of a successful 401K retirement plan..


01-30-2016, 11:20
I guess if you are a Glock collector it makes sense, but from a common sense and useability stand point why spend 7k on a used outdated Gen 1 when you can get a new Glock (or better quality pistol for about $500.

01-30-2016, 11:59
It's a collector world.. Problem is those that have these gems tucked away may not realize their worth.

I helped a friend's wife dispose of his estate. He had an old Colt 45, M1917. Fair shape and it went for 850USD. Sold 11 pistols & rifles. He wasn't a collector, just purchased what he liked and for the hunting he did. She was pleasantly surprised when we finally completed the sales.

It's worth the time to occasionally check your inventory to determine fair market.


01-31-2016, 16:34
The very gun that started the undectable firearms act. Even though it set off a metal detector at the Congressional hearing.

01-31-2016, 16:36
I have a Gen1 Glock 17 maybe 100 rounds through it. 3 digit serial number.

01-31-2016, 18:24
I have a Gen1 Glock 17 maybe 100 rounds through it. 3 digit serial number.

Congrats,, You have a gem..

This one sold for 6,725USD...

02-01-2016, 12:22
How about that. It was a gift from one of our old friends. Guess it will get added to the list of things to toss in the coffin when I go.