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01-12-2016, 13:48
Finally had one of these installed in the M92 PAP. It's turning to a money pit, so I can't call it PMPDW (poor man's PMPDW) anymore. There's a ******* video showing wobble and many discussion noting the requiring fitting, but mine has no wobble and zero filing. I guess several months after the first batch, ALG has improved the compatibility to fit various AK plaform?

It's night and day compared to the original creeeepy trigger, and it's way better than everyone's favorite Tapco G2 trigger.....and it's $49!!??? and take another 10% off if you're military/LEO!?!?? Take my money!

I also got the high energy spring and as the pictures attest, the build-quality shows compared to the original twisty spring (in fairness, nothing wrong with the original as millions user worldwide can attest the reliability). I am convinced it decreases the lock time as well. If anyone wonders what's the significance of lock time? Try shooting a flint lock off hand and a modern bolt action offhand. The lesser the duration from your trigger squeeze to actual hammer impact means your shot call is more accurate and you don't get a lot of time to mess up the fundamentals prior to the bullet exiting the barrel.

The reset on the AKT is crisp, and the take up is less even compared to my 1911 match trigger. There is zero over travel. It's single a stage so for those used to two stage like the Geisselee SSA, there no wall and it feels like pushing a rod off the table. Now, it's is no $300 super-3-gun trigger or AR-gold or Timney or Supermatch, but frankly I don't want those trigger in a 7.62x39 pistol with sling and no stock configuration. I don't think I will even polish the AKT. I can see how some users get unintentional bang with it. Unless you spent hours dry firing and fine tuning your index finger flex and extension to the reset, you'd wish the trigger is heavier. Also those used to the old school AK, FAL, G3 trigger pull and resistant to change, the AKT will feel way too light as well.

The range work with the AKT is wunderbar. 5 shots in barely 1 seconds to the spine box, and that is five .30 cal shots. Also without stock, and with red dot off hand, I could ring the 12inch gong at 100 yards consistently every 3 seconds. That short take up, short reset, zero overtravel, and < 0.01 seconds lock time really aid this process. The configuration really does not let you have enough time to screw up sight alignment and trigger squeeze. I'd say the arrow helps the Indian tremendously here. Now I really want to turn it to SBR and suppress it to realize the true potential of this platform.

It only took Bill and his head engineer hardly 2 weeks to develop the AKT for 2015 shot show. Gees, what took them so long :D
If anyone ever shows up at the USASOC match vendor day, you know Bill is a friend and ardent supporter of the community. When I got the National match hi-speed trigger at significant discount, he threw the DMR and Service rifle kits in it as well. Essentially three triggers for one. Thanks a bunch, Bill!

Despite all the praises, I do notice lack of QC on the trigger finish. Of 4 purchased, one has a spot where the paint missed on the trigger face and another has a spot that sticks out. None of them can't be solved by a little sanding and rust-o-leum. I hope when the AKT-E comes out, ALG has solved this issue.

Regardless of your view on the AK, I sincerely see it as the true rendeck-engineer-able platform. So there you were dissembling your AK in a hideout spot when the zombies showed up. You forgot the spring as you bolted. So what would Macguyver do? Sharpie and rubber bands, that's right!
https://www.*******.com/watch?v=9hL8rjhWJts .....weight reduction and increase cyclic rate too LOL>

Try that with an AR...

07-09-2017, 16:50
now that I can shoot like normal person again (no more one handed), thought I show what the ALG AKT with ALG AK spring can enable you to do with your AK. Yes, it's a crutch....but unless your first name is Jerry and your last name is Miculek, the business of running semi at crew-served rate is quite "out there" :D


CSAT 5 heart 1 face rifle standard under 3 seconds at 7 yards.
Well...turns out it's five 124 grain ~2100 fps 7.62 x 39 rounds in about 0.8 seconds. Even with AR500-based body armor, the target will get nothing less than commotio cordis, pulmonary contusion, and aortic dissection from blunt aortic injury

Thanks to AK launching casing sky high, for max fun the goal is to make the cranium shot before the first casing hits the ground :lifter
Wish the group is shown but it's about fist size. Barely any muzzle flip and it's probably too tight of group to spread the damage. Nevertheless, probably needs more aggressive stance to counter the recoil impulse and not get pushed back.

Btw, for anyone interested in improving I highly recommend the hudl technique app (it's FREE). Get a smart phone stand or a faithful friend, blast away, slow vid down to 1/4, get an honest feedback, break it down to parts and back to the drawing board, correct deficiency, and get better.

ALG makes solid product! Installation was a breeze and performance speaks for its quality.

07-09-2017, 16:59
OK - Now you're ready to go play 3-gun games.

(I wouldn't recommend the PMPDW as a general rule but I know of a fun 2-gun match where you could have a blast - literally!)

07-09-2017, 22:34
I know of a fun 2-gun match where you could have a blast - literally!

H2O? 37psr gunfighter?

07-10-2017, 06:45
PSA. A 2+ hr. drive but worth it (good people, fun match; my gunsmith's home range). Never heard of your first one and wouldn't waste time on the second. Lots of quality opportunities within easy driving. FWIW, I'm playing three times this month.

07-13-2017, 18:24
Thank you for more good news from ALG. I can't wait to get my order. Might even start thinking of building a "fun gun".