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11-04-2015, 12:57
I am not convinced these are any better than the old PR-24 which I really liked in the 1980's. Then came the ASP and everybody wanted one because it was lightweight and portable. I have used the ASP on a lot of people who just wouldn't cooperate and elected to fight back. Not once was it effective for H2H. The PR-24 worked IMHO a lot better than anything out now with the exception of the Taser. I believe that this is just another LEO Fad that will work its way out of use. Now days, and to a certain extent when I was on, people are much more aggressive when being detained/arrested then before. I am also wondering if departments are going to pay sick time for people injured while trying to learn these things. Also at a $100 a pop, I say buy more practice ammo.


11-04-2015, 13:26
To start with, if they were ever to be considered effective for LE work, if would take years of practice to become truly effective with...not just a three or four day certification course.

Those are going to be way more trouble than they could ever be worth once they are employed. Look out for the lawsuits to be coming down range because the "Bruce Lee's" of the world are going to swing them like a bat at any and every thing they can.

11-04-2015, 14:07
Nothing like a good old fashion simple club.

That's what I am afraid of. They will revert back to the one thing they know...swinging it like a bat. :D

Those things can generate some force when used like that...only with less control.

11-04-2015, 14:07
I have seen them used effectively not as an impact weapon but as a control devise. I prefer the old baton over everything including the PR 24. Nothing like a good old fashion simple club to beat the shot out of someone with.

I think I had better control over my PR-24 than my issued nightstick. ;) On the other hand, could you do this with your baton? I have yet to see it done with a baton.;) And you know what, I know it can be done because I saw it here and Hollywood never lies.:D


11-04-2015, 17:02
OPNs or Orcutt Police Nunchaku have been around since 1985.

Very few depts. back then, picked them up. The only major depts. that I was aware of, that regularly used them were the San Diego and Denver sheriff depts.

After I got off of AD in Jan of 88, I was hired on with a private security company and we carried the OPNs. I actually preferred them over the PR-24. Primarily for their compact size and the fact the were always on your duty belt in their own holster, unlike the PR-24s were you had to take it out of it's ring every time you got in and out of your vehicle, plus the added bonus of, if you ever had to run, the OPNs were in a holster, whereas the PR-24s were slapping you in the thigh/hip/ass.

Haven't seen them much on the streets, but have seen several correctional depts. that still use them. Their compact size and design make them a good subduing instrument, which is a benefit in jails and prisons.

Here is their latest generation .... http://www.orcuttopn.com/

11-07-2015, 19:03
Ya gotta have skills. Bow hunting skills, Computer skills Nunchakau skills....

11-07-2015, 19:43
Ya gotta have skills. Bow hunting skills, Computer skills Nunchakau skills....

First aid skills. :D